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Armor (shield), artifact (Requires attunement by a Chaotic aligned creature)

"We were lost in the icy storms of the northern lands. If it were not for the shield's command of the freezing storm, we would have never made it out alive."

Long ago, a tribe of humans in the north witnessed a blue comet rain from the sky and land just outside their village up north. It was from this comet's metal that a shield was constructed, said to combat the cold of the north. It is said that only those as wild as the winds and powerful as the storms can use it.

The Cobalt Ward is simple in design, and would normally be mistaken for a simple rounded shield if it were not for the blue metal it was made from. If one were to look closely then they would see the silver bands moving out from the center of the shield's surface.
Random Properties. The The Cobalt Ward has the following random properties:

  • 2 minor beneficial properties
  • 1 major beneficial property
  • 2 minor detrimental properties

Sanctuary from Storms: The shield provides a total +3 AC. If a creature inflicts thunder, lightning, or cold damage then the shield provides a total +5 AC instead. You gain resistance to those damage types as well.

You may cast Leomund's Tiny Hut by holding the shield above your head and speaking a command word, causing the shield to rise into the air and create the dome. The shield remains inside the dome along with you. This requires no spells slots to cast.

Commander of Storms: The Cobalt Ward has 21 charges. You may cast the following spells using the charges with no concentration required, as the shield acts as the one holding the concentration. Spell saves are a DC 19 and charges restore at dawn. If there is a natural storm occurring around the shield and character attuned to it, these charges cost half, rounded down:

Armor of Agathys: (6th level, 5 charges)

Warding Wind: (2 charges)

Call Lightning: (6th level, 7 charges, lighting attacks are made on your turn with a free action instead of with a normal action, once per round)

Elemental Weapon: (5 charges. Can be applied to magical weapons. Can only use thunder, lightning, or cold)

Thunder Step: (2 charges)

Thunderwave: (2 charges)

Sleet Storm: (2 charges)

Ice Storm: (9th level, 10 charges)

Hurricane Force: Checks you make to shove others are made with advantage. If you shove or knock a creature prone, you may choose to move the target an additional 15ft.

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