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Weapon (Sword), legendary (requires attunement)

A permanently blood stained blade, seeking vengeance and destruction of those all around.

Mood Swing upon every weapon draw, the user must make a 1d20+1d10+1d4-3 roll, the effect the item gains for the next 24 hours depends on this roll. All female characters may re-roll there drawing roll once a day. 0:nothing. 1-4: becomes a wish blade with 1 wish spell ready for use. 5-8: Anti magic field, every spell under 6th level magic within 5ft of the blade is completely nullified, concentration spells are disrupted, summons are returned and no more spells may be cast within the area. 9-12: Any target hit by this spell must make a saving through as if being targeted by the correlating domination spell. 13-16: The blade gains the ability to pass through armor, making the opponents AC 10+ their dexterity modifier. 17-21: Magic reflection, every spell that would hit the wielder of the sword is reflected at the caster as if cast from the sword. 22-25:Magic absorption, any spell that would hit the wielder of the sword then adsorbs the spell into the sword for a one time use at any time. 26-29: Essence trap, any player or creature hit by this blade must make a saving throw with every one of its ability scores, if 5 fail then the targets life essence is then absorbed into the sword, the life essence may be used at any time to stabilize a PC instead of death saving throws. 30-31: Players automatically hit the creature as if the player had rolled a Nat.20, the wielder may risk to roll to hit again, if a success then the damage is tippled. Save DC:20. +6 to hit. 4d6 damage + effect

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