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Do we need a template?[edit]

I've been reading several pages, and it appears people have a hard time deciding what pages are jokes, and what ones are serious. While I know we include "Category:April Fools" on joke pages, that is only visible at the very bottom of the page (and I suspect few people read it). This template is meant to be something like "Adult Content" or "OGL Material", so anyone reading the page can instantly and clearly know it is a joke page --Badger 01:45, 22 June 2011 (MDT)

I like this idea a lot. To someone unfamiliar with wikis (or anyone who doesn't scroll all the way down the the bottom) the category doesn't do much good. I think the template is a great idea, and I like the picture you chose as well. Perhaps we should include an <includeonly> with the category, so that every page with the template is automatically categorized. Otherwise, I say good job! JazzMan 21:15, 22 June 2011 (MDT)
I actually thought about including the category in the template last night as I was falling asleep. --Badger

Change the wording of the template?[edit]

I'd like to suggest changing the wording of the template; I'm sure there is call for consideration toward the balance of content that this template is applied to, but it seems more like the April Fools template is more for humor- and joke-pages, that aren't necessarily meant to be taken seriously, or at least in their full capacity as written. Any thoughts on this? --Jwguy (talk) 14:41, 8 June 2017 (UTC)

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