Telekinetically Wielding Weapons (3.5e Variant Rule)

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Telekinetically Wielding Weapons[edit]

Rather than simply striking opponents with random objects, a psychic may wield a melee weapon telekinetically, allowing it to fight by “remote control.” Telekinetically picking up a weapon is a move action. Attacking with it is a standard action. Cover and concealment are determined by the attacker and defender’s positions, not the weapon’s. The attacker makes a normal attack roll, but with a –4 penalty for the difficulties in remote-controlling the weapon, and adding his Int modifier to the attack roll rather than Str or Dex modifiers. The weapon deals its normal damage with no modification for Str. A telekinetic can take the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat in psychically wielded weapons to eliminate the –4 penalty for remote-controlling a weapon.

A telekinetically wielded weapon does not threaten an area and cannot make attacks of opportunity, nor does it provoke them. It can be struck normally by sunder attacks. Attempts to “disarm” the psychic by knocking the weapon out of his telekinetic “grip” are resolved by an opposed roll of the attacker’s attack bonus and the psychic’s Telekinesis skill bonus.

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