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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: Crossed hammer and spanner/wrench
Home Plane: ??
Alignment: lawful neutral
Portfolio: technological advance, science
Clergy Alignments: any lawful, predmoniantly lawful neutral
Favored Weapon: rapier
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Teknos is the local competition for Picos, the sea deity. He is cited as the source of insight for inventors, social reformers and all those who seek to quantify and refine their understanding of the world.


Teknos encourages his followers to seek out the empirical truth of the world around them.

Of some concern to those not of the faith, is the fact that Teknos almost seems to embody soulless science: the god has little concern regarding what is accomplished using his knowledge, and simply glorifies in the truth revealed, the problem solved, the triumph of technology over superstition and magic.

In more extreme cases, this leads Teknos' clerics to actively seek out and persecute those who would use arcane magic - "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live". In cultures where magic as a whole is rare or non-evident, Teknos finds it easy to root a belief structure. His clerics may use divine magic but their spells can be concealed largely as sleight of hand, application of medicines and chemicals, and miraculous leaps of discovery.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The priests of Teknos tend to be bookish individuals with a tendency to bore those who listen to their more extended sermons. In a world previously medieval in its outlook, the new developments of machinery, medicine and construction are seen by these men and women as the indirect evidence of the influence of Teknos working in the world. If the world is subject to elemental forces, Teknos is the tamer of these. Through Science and Technological advancement, all shall be made known.

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