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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: Golden fish caught in a silver net
Home Plane:
Alignment: chaotic neutral
Portfolio: The sea and those who live, travel or work with it
Clergy Alignments: any chaotic, predominantly neutral
Domains: sea, water, luck
Favored Weapon: trident; net; dagger [fishing/diving knife]
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Picos is a deity worshiped in the town where my current campaign begins. His embodiment is usually Neptune-like although the deity is actually androgynous as befits the changing nature of the seas and oceans. The town relies heavily on fishing and port trade for its prosperity and Picos is the choice of fishermen and sailors who need a little divine backup on a day-to-day basis.


Picos governs the sea, and those who travel and work upon it. He encourages the maintenance and ecological use of the oceans and their bounty. Whilst the deity, like the sea, is chaotic in nature, the overbearing actions of trade organizations or free pirates is contrary to the concept that all should share freely in the sea's gifts, and priests are entitled to prosecute with extreme prejudice against those who offend their deity.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The priests of Picos generally occupy sites near settlements close to large bodies of water, from which they can oversee and offer guidance on the provision, use and fair travel upon their deity's bounteous gift. Occasionally there are tales of hermit-like individuals who take up residence on remote or isolated islands, ministering to those poor souls who chance upon their location when washed ashore, for example.

There is an apocryphal ancient text which suggests that, many generations ago, one sect of the clergy broke away from the main church and took to the seas completely, living under the waves so as to better commune with their god. No such sect seems to exist at the current time, and evidence that it ever existed is sketchy at best.

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