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I edited quite a bit of this Class.

I added to whole bit about Ancestral Relic become a Titanic Relic and then a Dragonic Relic. Because really were are you going to get a huge and up weapon otherwise? And this way you can level with your beloved weapon rather than ditching it every 3 levels.

And nurfed the hell out of Titanic Reach, it was quite overpowered before.

Another Big change I made was to Dragon grip. It used to say up the 4 sizes larger with no penatly, which I thought was way to over powered at 13th level. logistically a hummanoid running around with a colossal size weapon, the thing would be the size of a main ships mast.

Made so other minor changes too,

let me know still over powered?

Should there be a STR requirement too?

should this Class looses some class features?

Overpowered Final Ability[edit]

The final ability "Titanic Finisher" is far too powerful as a single ability, even as a final level ability. For one thing, what's to stop a person from saying upon the DM telling the party to roll initiative "I'm going to open up with Titanic Finisher, I get to add my strength modifier to my initiative roll." and then use the ability to end the fight before anything ever begins. Especially if it's a "boss" fight, in which case, the player could end the fight before it even began, leaving no room for any activity from the party. Secondly, the DC on the saving throw is monstrously high. At a *minimum*, the character must level 17 (maybe more; I don't know the requirements for Monkey Grip or the Ancestral Relic), which means that the character already has a DC of 27 *before* the strength modifier. Say that the character rolled an 18 for strength, then gets a +2 from a racial bonus (standard 2:1 ratio methods) for a 20. Levels 4, 8, 12, and 16, he or she puts points into strength, making it a 24. Before ANY gear or magic enhancements, the DC is already up to a 34. At this level, enemies probably have an average base save of 12 for Fortitude, plus what's probably another 7 at the maximum for a +19 to Fortitude saves. This requires a roll of a 15 to save! Say the character has gear and buffs, now. A pair of gauntlets that give +4 to Strength and Bull's Strength put on top of that for another +4. That's a total of a 38 DC for the save; that requires a 19! Then apply feats and other bonuses. You could easily push the roll to have to be a natural 20. That's ridiculous for an insta-kill ability. Which leads to the next problem: the ignoring of immunities and resistances. Typically, if you can't critically hit something, you can't one-shot it. Also, there are some creatures that can't be insta-killed simply because of their nature. Take an Adamantine Golem, for example. You can't insta-kill that. Saying that they only get one save and that's it is more than a little bit overpowered. Yes, there are SRD spells that have a similar effect, but they're typically harder to pull off and immunities, spell resistance, etc., are still allowed. This ability shouldn't work on targets that are immune to instant-death or the specific manner in which you kill the being. This attack is also incredibly hard to miss because chances are, you're going to have a +17 BAB, with that +7 from strength if there are no buffs or gear calculated in. Most things at level 17 would have at most an AC of 32. That requires an 8 on a roll to hit with the +24 total.

On other notes: you have multiple abilities that say that they're affected by weapons you have Titanic Reach with. I saw nothing on Titanic Reach that modified or enhanced the use of any particular weapon, but merely gave an extra 5 feet that you could attack to. With that said, most of your abilities are useless because they require a weapon modified by Titanic Reach and Titanic Reach modifies none; er go, the ability cannot be used. Otherwise, I've been misreading the abilities and I would then assume that you're trying to state that a weapon you can use with your Titanic Reach ability. If that's the case, then I recommend rewording.

For the relics, you're immediately putting a restriction on the character's deity to Heironeous. Also, I'm not certain if what you were trying to go for, but it seems to me that the character is being forced to make the sacrifices stated in the abilities. ...I don't know many level 11 that has 24,500 gold pieces just lying around to be thrown into a sacrifice that forces them to devote a third of each of their days for 24 and a half days, as well as the money spent, just to get an increase in weapon size. If I were playing this character, I'd just get the feat that lets me do that, anyway, without having to do all of that and keep my money and use my time for other things. Or, if I was being forced to, I'd just drop the class. Also, what if the character doesn't have the money to do so? Do they immediately lose access to the class? Do they get smited by Heironeous? If so, that doesn't make playing the class very fun...

Those are my concerns with the class. I'm not trying to be rude or disrespectful with this, so I apologize if I come off in that manner; I'm just trying to emphasize my points in why there are a couple of issues. If the rewording on abilities or the inclusion of a specified enhanced weapon in Titanic Reach is added, then there wouldn't be issues with any abilities relying on that weapon enhancement and would just leave the relic abilities and the final ability. If the relic abilities don't force you to do anything and are instead there for optional benefits, then that's fine, as well, but the final ability really needs to be addressed in its power.

--Sage of Souls (talk) 01:41, 8 December 2014 (MST)

Damage output[edit]

A human fighter can qualify for this prestige as soon as 3rd level ("defeating 20 enemies" is trivial if you spend your downtime attacking sheep). So I can have Titan Grip at 6th level. This lets me wield a huge greatsword. To be clear, this means at 6th level I am dealing 4d6 base damage with every attack. Marasmusine (talk) 02:31, 6 April 2016 (MDT)

A great Solution to a cruel DM[edit]

So back in late 2015 I got into my first ever 3.5 group with some friends I'd met that year at college. My character was a Human Fighter who I named Dunwytch Hawthorne. This class cemented Dunwytch as one of the best characters in that DM's setting. He made it to a respectable level 12, or at least respectable for a first ever DnD character, making it 4 levels into Titanblade before succumbing to a door of obliteration in a silly trap I overlooked. Our DM was a very "doesn't pull any punches" style DM, who would regularly throw stuff at us that was out of our CR, to see if we could do it. Faithful Dunwytch carried that group through so many encounters. I personally love this class, but I can see the issues with balance. However, if your DM is either very cruel, or you're running a monster hunter style game with regular fights with large opponents, this class is absolutely great. As long as your DM likes seeing your party suffer anyways.

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