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How is this different from the Undying warlock patron? SirSprinkles (talk) 19:05, 3 January 2017 (MST)

Why did I make this/ how is this different than X ?[edit]

I just made this because I was on a vampire anime bender and felt like playing a vampire sometimes but felt like it would be to OP if you just got the stuff for being a vampire. So I designed it loosely around a progressive build up to becoming more powerful while retaining some mortality. I know this is different than the undying warlock though it may have some stuff that sounds the same but its not.

Comment if there is anything you think you could tweak and make better than it is now.

Well, the Undying patron might not specifically state that your patron could be a vampire, but the fluff fits a vampire patron very well. SirSprinkles (talk) 20:12, 22 March 2017 (UTC)

True, though it doesn't offer the same impact as having some characteristics based around spaciously vampires. Apothose (talk) 21:15, 16 July 2019 (MDT)


I've play tested this class a handful of times just to make sure I wasn't just being dumb, but each times I've either had to be carried through every battle, or just die basically first thing. Warlocks have an issue with running out of spell slots and needing a secondary option, other than eldritch blasting their way out of crowds of enemies which I find myself having t do with this subclass a lot. Point being, I can do that with any subclass, but this one has a Certain ideal of sustain to it that I like, but it just doesn't compare to most other classes, especially when you have a DM like mine who absolutely doesn't care if you're playing a solo warlock or are alone haha. Its mostly lower level sustain I have issues with. Getting out of level 1 is difficult with this subclass so maybe increase the healing you gain from the bite from 1 to 2? or maybe even 3. To counter balance I'd throw something in to prohibit being able to murder everything with the sustain of a fighter and cantrips galore by adding a sunlight debuff. Like disadvantage on attacks and saves in direct sunlight, or a vision of only 30 feet ahead of you. Something to add the feel of being strong but having a weakness instead of being useless. Most of the higher level things are pretty cool and work well just level one doesn't offer enough to be viable. Love the work and I figured I'd just ask before I made a full variant of the subclass to get the change. Apothose (talk) 21:37, 16 July 2019 (MDT)

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