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Hello, fellow wikian! I must tell you that warlock is my favorite class in the D&D, and I also love spellcasting melee attacker gimmicks, it just kicks major arse. I did some works on the table to show cantrips known, spells known, and spell slot features without having another browser tab on 5e SRD:Warlock page. However, there are some comments I'd like to leave, so here we go:

  • Hit Dice. d10 is a decent size for a melee fighter, but maybe a bit too much for spellcasters. Note that bard and warlock have Hit Dice of d8, even when both of them get to have some above-average brawling features. I suggest toning a bit down would be nice.
  • Spellcasting. Using warlock's Pact Magic feature was a clever touch, I love it. I once tried the same thing on a class, which ended up in a major failure. I'm glad to see a successful example.
  • Arcane Blade. The wordings might be a bit ambiguous - can I make any, any weapon as an arcane blade? Even ranged weapons, such as shortbows and longbows? If so, this could be a bit broken, since ranged weapon is, well, ranged, and adding a stable damage input on that would be too strong.
  • Fighting Style. Like the Arcane Blade feature above, I am personally agains the Archery option.
  • Charge Blade. I think this feature should be elaborated. What do you mean, "you cannow cast ranged spells using a melee weapon?" Does that mean you can use your melee weapon as a spellcasting focus? If then, can I just use any melee weapon as it?
  • Elemental Adept. So you mean: "The damage dealt by your Arcane Blade feature now ignores the creature's resistance (but not immunity)."
  • Arcane Versatility. I think you're confusing the cleric and wizard's spell preparation system with warlock's spell known system. If you follow the warlock's spellcasting system, you know a specific number of spells, have them always prepared, and can cast only those spells. Arcane Versatility feature is kinda meaningless.
  • Archetype: Blademaster. Class features must be specified. Just saying "you get some features from other classes, check that class's description for details" is somewhat lazy.
11th-level feature is kinda vague. From what I guess: "When you hit a creature with your Arcane Blade, you can expend a spell slot to deal additional damage equal to 1d8 per spell slot level. The damage type of this damage equals the damage type your Arcane Blade deals."
20th-level feature is not exactly strong or distinctive for a capstone feature, isn't it? I think there must be a way to create a clever yet strong capstone feature.
  • Archetype: Magister. Since you only have one type of spell slots, most of the features are rather redundant and/or meaningless. Plus, having a 6th-level spell slot is dangerous, especially if you want that spell slot regenerate every time you finish a short rest. I suggest considering Mystic Arcanum feature for reference.
  • Dead Levels. 13th level is downright dead, with no particular class feature or whatsoever.

Well, that's it for now. In short: Love the concept and all, but some features need reworks and/or modifications. --WeirdoWhoever (talk) 14:32, 4 April 2017 (UTC)

Possibly change...[edit]

Love the class, theres something about casting spells and dishing out melee attacks is badass in my mind. But I'm not a big fan of the "one type" of spell slot. Honestly there should just be a spell table similar to the Eldritch Knight to where you can cast up to say 6th or 7th lvl spells and cap it there.

Consistency Issue[edit]

This seems really cool. I noticed that the Blademaster capstone says that the damage from Arcane blade increases from 2d8 to 3d8, but the table says that at 20th level it should do 2d10. Is 3d8 still the targeted value?

Spell Slasher broken[edit]

I really love the look of this class. However there are some things that might need to be re-worded. At 18th level the spell slasher is able to put a level 2 or lower spell in place of its arcane blade. The only time this is a problem is when you combine it with booming blade which causes you to make an attack with your weapon. This attack puts you into an attack chain that only ends when you miss. At level 20 if you put fire ball, and booming blade as spells on your blade, and booming blade on again with arcane supremecy you can easily kill anything in one turn. if you consider nat 1's as an instant fail all you need to do is take the lucky feat and you can just re roll. Not to mention extra attack, a weapon in your off hand, or hast being cast on yoh. While this is hilarious and would be amazing to watch the look on your dm's face when you kill a Tarrasque in one turn it is broken because of that one cantrip.


The two changes I would make are; Arcane Supremacy only allows level 1, and level 2 spells. To avoid the semantics of "are cantrips spells" and because cantrips break the class.

Empowered Imbue; spells lower then charisma modifier can only be used a number of times equal to your charisma modifier, or your proficiency bonus.

(to whoever created (Spell Slasher), I am a big fan of the idea. However, I will be suggesting some changes by putting them down here as I feel they are too powerful right now. If you want to talk to me about them, I will be more than happy to as soon as you make an account! -Nixilis).

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