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[DM Notes: These are just my opinions as a DM, for anybody who wishes to use this race in their campaign. If you use this race is your campaign, I have some details to say that I will be using for myself. Now for when it comes to playing characters most of the bloodlines are okay, though a few such as the megalodon and most of the Ancient Sharkin Heritages are to be used for enemy NPCs. You can if you see fit to do so, use those ones as player races if your campaign is okay with it but I would still only use the Megalodon heritage as an NPC race. The sizes for the race are still a work in progress, so you can work out better sizes though just remember that actual sharks are way bigger than what I have put down already. If you are wondering about my choice of 5 to 6 traits there is a reasoning for it, my reasoning is that sharks are very well adapted hunters with many features. The second reason is because, since bugbears have 5 traits I thought this number was alright. For this reason alone as well as sharks have so many traits that are important, I decided 6 was the best trait cap for this race. Finally the sharkin live in the ocean and can withstand the oceans depths, I believed this was a given so I didn't make it an apparent trait. Now other then that there is pretty much no more that I can say about this race you need to know. The next few things after this are some extra content for traits for creatures involving this races and a half race. The first set of traits below are for the Half-Sharkin race, which is supposed to be used for it, or they can be used as variant trait set for the Sharkin race entirely. This is in case you like the idea for this race, but are not sure about the stats above being good for your campaign. The next set of traits is for an Undead Sharkin race and the final one is for a Skeleton Sharkin race. These races and their traits, are merely for if you are gonna make a monster campaign or for story reasons. You can use these also for making monster stat blocks, in fact go for it I just didn't have time to do so myself. Now all of this is completely up to you and the DM to decide what is okay or not, for the campaign you are playing in and if anything needs editing or not. Go ahead and have fun with this race, as well I hope this race is cool and brings joy to those who use it!]

Inspired by the "Selachinoid" race.

Moving removed information as most of it seems like a work in progress thing. Coaldstone (talk) 12:44, 27 November 2018 (MST)

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