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I have made some changes to the layout as to have it comply a bit more with dandwiki standard. This includes jacking up the Reaver's sheet a bit and making mild layout changes. If you are not content with them, you can revert the edits by going to the history tab and click undo.

Furthermore, I would like to bring up a few pointers.

  • Humanoids without character classes have average base attack progression. I changed the base attack bonus to +1 to comply with this.
  • Multiple shield bonuses upon a single creature (like from the Reaver's heavy steel shield and buckler) do not stack; they overlap. I do not know if you can wear two shields at once, but the buckler will do the reaver no good; when multiple shield bonuses affect one creature, only the highest one counts.
  • When weapons that the creature uses have a critical threat range or a critical multiplyer that is different than 20/×2 – such as Battleaxes, which have a crit multiplyer of ×3 – you should list the threat range and critical multiplier in question.
  • Base save bonuses for a humanoid creature are one good save and two bad saves (usually good Reflex, but it can be any one good). In face of good Fortitude, your reaver's saves should be Fort +5, Ref +1, Will +0, and in case of good Reflex, they should be Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +0.
  • Humanoids get a number of skills per level equal to 2 + Int bonus to a minimum of 1 per level (×4 at 1st). Since your reaver has Int 8, he receives only 5 skill points in correspondence to its Hit Dice (and not 12).
  • Any creature may choose any one feat at 1st level, and additional feats every level divisible by 3rd. Your reaver will only have one feat at his disposal, unless you treat him as a human or unless he gains one of his feats as a racial bonus feat. Racial bonus feats should be tagged in the creature table with a superscript B (<sup>B</sup>).

Otherwise, good luck with your reavers. Firefly is great. :P --Sulacu 07:23, 14 February 2008 (MST)

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