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"Melee Attacks" on SRD (and subsequently PHB) states that opportunity attacks are, once and for all, melee attacks. I do think there are good reasons for it:

  • I see you must be familiar with 3.5rd editions, judging by your word choice of "attack of opportunity", which changed to "opportunity attacks" in 5th edition. Back in 3.5e, you so as much move an inch within the range to provoke AoO from any other creatures, which resulted in rather static battle formation where you move only one grid at a time to avoid AoOs. In 5th editions, opportunity attacks are triggered only when you move out of the range, making it more comfortable to move within the range.
Now, the problem of having ranged opportunity attacks are simple: The range is so wide that it's virtually impossible to trigger a single opportunity attacks when you get close enough. For starters, the range of longbow is 150/600, crossbows have 30/120 range at least, and most throwing weapons have ranges of 20/60 or longer. It's rather impractical to say "you can make opportunity attacks with ranged weapons" when the combat actually starts, unless you do intend to mow down 'em at longer ranges, which is more of a snapshot-sniping than opportunity attacks.
Even if you do add some range restriction or anything, the problem still lingers on. Having ranged opportunity attacks greatly discourages moving in combat, which results in, again, static battle formations as in 3.5e, which is not what 5e intends.

I may suggest using "reaction shot"-esque approach, instead of using opportunity attacks: When a creature within your range (preferrably within your normal range, not long range) makes a ranged attack on its turn, you can use your reaction to make one ranged weapon attack against that creature. This is more of an XCOM-type approach, I will call, but I do recommend keeping things fluid in battle, while achieving effects you intend to. Good luck, fellow wikian - you've got a fan here! :) --WeirdoWhoever (talk) 00:23, 21 August 2017 (MDT)

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