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Changes and Possible Changes[edit]

Hello! I have taken the liberty of making the following changes. You can go in and edit them back out if you like, I won't be offended. But where we disagree, we should have a discussion on this page. I've stated the reasons for my changes here.

  • Replaced +2 intimidate with +2 history

Rakshasas, like devas, are perpetually reincarnated, and so, like devas, should receive a +2 bonus to history checks to reflect their personal knowledge of the many ages they have lived through. This leaves us with a choice: replace either the +2 bluff, or the +2 intimidate. The +2 bluff helps make deceptive veil more powerful, so I recommend replacing the +2 intimidate. Rakshasas will still be plenty intimidating thanks to their base +2 charisma.

  • Removed the +1 AC.

A +1 bonus to AC is rather powerful. Only two official races have bonuses to AC, and these bonuses are circumstantial. Halflings get a +2 bonus to AC against opportunity attacks, and Devas get a +1 bonus to AC against bloodied enemies. A +1 bonus to AC is worth a +2 bonus to any other defence. With this in mind, I removed the +1 bonus to AC. The +1 bonus to reflex is still there, and is a perfectly reasonable racial trait.

  • Made Cat's Vengeance an encounter power

In the paws of a rakshasa sorcerer, cat's vengeance wasn't too damaging as it was, but give it to a rakshasa paladin and it becomes completely broken. The paladin could use divine challenge to force any opponent to attack it, and then be able to re-roll every attack it makes against that poor creature until the thing is dead. For comparison, The elf's racial encounter power allows it to re-roll one attack per encounter. As an at-will, cat's vengeance is crazy, but as an encounter power, cat's vengeance works.

+Divine challenge is a mark, and the trigger for Cat's Vengeance says a creature not marked by you. I agree with the decision, bringing it in line with the elf ability, but using things like divine challenge would not trigger Vengeance

Further suggested changes to the Rakshasa race:

  • Eliminate the +5 bonus to the bluff check made when using deceptive veil.

In the Monster Manual, deceptive veil grants a +5 bonus to disguise checks, and change shape grants a +10 bonus to disguise checks. However, in the transition from NPC to PC race, the +10 bonus for doppelgangers' change shape was reduced to a +5 bonus for changelings' change shape. I suspect that if Wizards were to make a race with the deceptive veil power a PC race, they would correspondingly reduce the +5 bonus for deceptive veil to a +0 bonus. As it currently stands, with 3 languages, low-light vision, a nice set of claws, and a +5 bonus to disguise, the rakshasa is looking much better than the official changeling race. In short, for balance reasons, and to reflect the fragile nature of the rakshasa's illusory disguise, the +5 bonus should be removed from deceptive veil.

  • Clarify how the claws work.

Can they be enchanted? Or is there any way to increase the bonus to attack rolls using them in order to make them effective weapons at higher levels? Do they count as light blades for a rakshasa rogue? Can they be used as implements by a rakshasa sorcerer? --Lysos 14:58, 9 January 2010 (UTC)

I'm reducing their damage down a step, from d6 to d8, bringing it more in line with other off-hand light weapons.

I have restored the +5 bonus to the bluff check. The doppelganger's bonus was reduced from +10 to +5 because +5 is an appropriate bonus for a specific use of a PC skill. Marasmusine (talk) 02:55, 10 October 2013 (MDT)
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