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Coherence Suggestions[edit]

Although this is certainly an interesting power, there are several changes that would make it fit better in the D&D universe. First, consider a better name than "summon." Because you're not really summoning anything like Druids or Wizards might, it's not the most accurate term. Consider calling them "undead thralls" or "Incarnic servants" or some such flavor term. This would be placed in the text of the "Necromancer 2" entry, when that is made. (Also, please tell me that "Necromancer 2" is just a temporary name...)

Also, place a time frame on how long the summoned creature will last. Whether it's by stating that it takes 1d4 damage every day (to mark the its decay) or by saying that it lasts three days per creature level, you need some way to quantify the time that this undead can remain animated. Keep in mind that, as a class feature, this power is necessarily limited and should be improved upon by feats and later powers.

--Illeist 10:41, 9 December 2010 (MST)

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