Necromancers Touch (4e Power)

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Necromancer's Touch Necromancer Utility 1
You bring the dead back to life.
At-Will Star.gif Arcane
Standard Action Melee Touch
Target: One inanimate corpse
Effect: You spend 6 healing surges but regain no hit points. Instead, the target comes back to life as your summon. The summon has the stats and 1/2 the full hp of the creature it was. The summoned creature persists only until the end of the encounter. Summons have no healing surges and cannot regain hit points.
Special: If you took the Path of Life class feature your summons persist after the encounter until it is destroyed, you dismiss it, or you exceed the maximum summons. With each passing day, however, more of it rots away. Fresh summons remember their lives and can speak unless damaged. As they rot away they forget more and speak less, until eventually only the most basic of minds inhabits their skeleton.

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