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That picture is from Mushroom Men the Spore Wars. It is not a Myconid. It is a Bolete Sage.

I looked at MM and noticed Myconids have no languages, this is up to OC but maybe only undercommon and improved spores? Oh also for spores do they need to share a language?


The heading that should say SOCIETY says CENACITY.


Spore abilities mention uses being regained on a short or long rest, but does not say how many uses of said abilities.

Another time in the abilities, there is a typo "..+you constitution.."

I see the uncertainty in the wording. It should be single use for animating and pacifying spores, while rapport spores shouldn't have a limit. I'll correct this soon. ConcealedLight (talk) 06:11, 11 January 2018 (MST)


There is a discrepancy between the weight mentioned under the "Physical Description" heading and the "Myconid Traits" heading. Are they 20-30 lbs or 70-120 lbs? I'm assuming the lighter weight considering in the "Physical Description" of them, it is mentioned that they are very light creatures.

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