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Formatting Fun[edit]

While I appreciate your concern for formatting, I am confused as to your reasoning for adding the <br>s. The break in the subtitle for Cultures, whil properly breaking up the line, isn't really purposeful, since the line was just barely longer than the subtitle just below it, and the formatting from having three columns of 33% width would have automatically returned the line if it were too long. Fortunately, that's a minor detail, and I might agree with your reason for breaking the line, and apply the same to the title below it.

More importantly, Why did you add seven breaks to the third column? That doesn't serve any purpose as I understand it, and breaks the uniformity of the Main Titles on the page, seperating the last column from the other two, and making it less accessible and inconvenient to read. I'll probably revert it, but if you could explain your reasons for doings so first, it would be appreciated. -Valentine the Rogue 15:00, 13 April 2009 (MDT)

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