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Among the Others of Prestige[edit]

How do I add this to a prestige class list? Ghostwheel 06:30, 30 June 2009 (MDT)

It's automatically added to the list so long as you have the "DnD Prestige Class" in parentheses. So don't worry about it; it's already there. - TG Cid 07:32, 30 June 2009 (MDT)
Actually, the reason for having this article listed with other prestige classes is because it has the proper categories listed in the footer (those things at the bottom of the article below the breadcrumb, like Category:Prestige Class). The DnD Prestige Classes page then can add it to the list so long as it has the right categories on it. --Ganteka 10:57, 30 June 2009 (MDT)

Is it really worth it?[edit]

You gain 2 BAB over most other wizard PrCs and lose 2 caster levels. The abilities are on par with other wizard PrCs, so they aren't really relevant. I'd take down the BAB and add back in the caster levels. --Aarnott 05:17, 15 July 2009 (MDT)

The BAB isn't really a biggie; the PrC would be mainly the same if it had poor BAB or medium. Rather, I'm trying to bring some of my design philosophy into this PrC--that getting the Really Cool Stuff from a PrC should come at a cost. Getting the smaller things from the PrC requires a small cost, that of the prereqs. The further you get into the PrC, the cooler Stuff that you get, but just the first part doesn't cover it completely. You need to give up a little more to continue getting Cool Stuff. Thus, if you want to give up very little, you dip into the PrC and get minor things. But to get the heart and soul of the PrC, you need to give up a bit more. (It's one of the reasons I really like that aspect of psionic PrCs, where you have to sacrifice ML to get the cool stuff. All except the one PrC in the travesty that is Complete Psionic >_>) --Ghostwheel 00:59, 16 July 2009 (MDT)
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