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so i'd thought i'd throw my thoughts on here for really no reason other than for fun. When I first made this spell I had the thought of a brave wizard or sorcerer or whatever to give their life for the safety of their friends. I wrote it knowing it was quite powerful but originally I had it as a 7th level spell because I felt that no one would be interested in it because it would take up a different powerful spell where they could live after using it. So part of the whole "cannot be brought back to life whatsoever" concept was an attempt to balance it out and allow it for 7th level spell slot territory. but the damage in combination with the death of the character lead to questioning of how balanced it really was,as such I later changed it to be level 9 in hopes that it will balance it out. I do wish that it didn't take up a spell level that only has one slot but sometimes we all have to make compromises. In the end my only hope is that someone will find it interesting and (with the DM's permission) use it to save their party. Anyways, thanks for reading and have a great day!

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