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Okay...this class starts pretty normal. Low hit die, not many proficiencies and a bit more starting items than usual. Nothing much. Then... At first level you gain advantage to either Deception, Intimidation or Persuasion on EVERY check AS WELL as a bonus...? The "Dagger Master" feature is kinda weak explained. Next up...another advantage on EVERY Performance check. Are you serious? And then Cantrips. All of that at level one. At second level we start off with 3 Combat Types that basically give you magical daggers and one very weak Type. You also gain access to full spellcasting with a level later than usual. As well on level 2 we have 4 different types of poison, all of them overpowered in their own way. At third level except for the heavy loss of AC I think that's acceptable. At fourth level I am unsure about the feature "Predator's Glare". It sounds strong but has it's own penalities. As for "Feather Footed" I guess that ruins some trap fun but it's acceptable. At fifth level we gain "Dance for me, Fool!"...this feature is surprisingly weak and has a lot of bad sides. This is as far as I wanted to go for now. I think this class has some way too strong features and too many of them at some levels --Asriel (talk) 14:53, 6 September 2017 (MDT)

I think the author needs help with this. Let's look at "Dance for me, Fool!" as an example.
"The Jester can make rude and remarkably insulting comments aloud to a specific target. " - Okay.
"The target must ..." - we are immediately missing some information regarding how this feature is activated and how it targets.
  • Do you need to use an action?
  • How far away can the target be?
  • Do you have to be able to see the target?
  • Does the target have to be able to hear you and understand you? Would it work on gelatinous cubes or mindless zombies?
"roll a DC WIS save of 12 + Jester's WIS modifier + Prof. bonus" - all creature-based saving throws have a base of 8, not 12. That's just how its scaled.
"If they fail the roll, their sights are primarily focused on the Jester" - what does this mean?
"for five rounds" - If you look through the PHB, you'll see that 5th edition doesn't do this kind of round-counting. Five rounds is about the length of one combat. 5e uses a duration of 1 minute for this.
"but can roll a DC WIS save each round of their turn." - you mean they can repeat the saving throw. "each round of their turn" doesn't mean anything. Characters have a turn within a round. Does the target make the saving throw at the start of their turn, or the end?
If they succeed within the five round limit, the can freely move" - what does this mean?
" If they choose another target, and if the Jester is within 10 feet of the target" - choosing another target in what respect? When they make an attack roll?
"they lose half their AC" - AC does not scale like this. The baseline of AC is 10, not 0, so you can't just halve it.
"and the Jester lunges forward for an Opportunity Attack" - Do you just make an opportunity attack, or is the lunge an actual effect? Be clear on who the opportunity attack is made against.
"The AC lose is only active for the Jester's lunge." - If the AC reduction is only for this single attack, why not just make it a bonus to the attack roll?
"If the Jester were to fail the "taunt"," - the Jester isn't the one making the saving throw, so there's nothing that they are failing.
"he is instead 'humiliated' and received a -5 on all damage and attack rolls for three turns." - 5e has designed away this kind of penalty. You would use disadvantage on attack rolls instead. And again, no round counting. This penalty is severe enough that I personally would never bother with this feature, although it's not exactly clear what the benefit is. You also not assume gender. That's why the class features are written in second person perspective.
"provokes an Opportunity Attack on himself. " - Who is making the opportunity attack here? Is it the creature that triggered your opportunity attack? Because they are already making the attack that triggered this whole thing.
It looks like this is at-will, so this could become a complete morass of saving throws and opportunity attacks. Marasmusine (talk) 16:27, 8 September 2017 (MDT)
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