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This cantrip is pretty weak, as Green-Flame Blade can do more damage than this. Should be buffed at least a bit more. Maybe make it that it doesn't consume an action, but a bonus action, and makes your next attack have that power. -ReDeath - [11:50 am] 2020 March 2, GMT -1

What? As far as I can tell, this spell does as much damage as gfb, and it does this damage to a single target. It's quantitatively more powerful in almost every combat situation. - Guy 06:51, 2 March 2020 (MST)
Green-Flame Blade can deal a total damage of 6d8 + CHA if you take into consideration the damage it deals to a target and the damage it deals to another creature 5 feet away (3d8 to one creature, and 3d8 + CHA). This cantrip deals subpar damage in comparison to other cantrips, as it deals only 3d8 + CHA. Even tough the CHA bonus can be effective, there are better options, and this one only has the advantage of range, which is not very useful. -ReDeath- [15:00 pm] 2020 March 2, GMT -1
Damage to a single target is more valuable than half as much damage to two different targets. Don't treat them like they're equal. Ember strike does more damage to a single target. That summary also leaves out the important fact that gfb and spells like it also include weapon damage.
That said, I can now see why someone might think this is underpowered compared to gfb at higher levels. It still to me seems comparable to other single-target damage cantrips, especially for the niche caster who doesn't want to keep a hand free. - Guy 07:33, 2 March 2020 (MST)
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