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My issue[edit]

The class[edit]

Long story short I made this class to be powerful but balanced however after making it and creating a unique mechanic (specifically the ability to absorb damage then release it as AOE healing) for it I am unsure or lore and balance issues.
I would love any feedback possible on this class as it is quickly becoming a fan favorite among my players The main points.

  1. Class Balance
  2. Lore Implications - I haven't included much lore but I don't wish to step on WotCs toes by making this thing to wild
  3. Grammar and Spelling - My grammar and spelling is bad I know sue me then help me pls >_<

-Spawn3601 (talk) 2:25, 29 September 2018 (CST)

Review as Requested[edit]

Hey there! I don't normally review classes because it's a huge time investment, but I hear this thing is seeing actual play. Up front: the concept of absorbing damage to convert it into healing sounds explicitly unbalanced on principal if it is passive or is otherwise too generous. We shall see. As for WotC? Don't worry about them. Homebrew material is unofficial and they don't care about it as long as we don't violate copyright. Go ahead and get crazy with the fluff!

I'm going to start by saying that the absence of fluff is a huge hindrance to this review. Without knowing what archetype or narrative concept the class is trying to represent, I can't really offer much on suggestions on how to modify the content.

Write out "light armor". Unless you intend the character to be proficient in wearing light as armor. Other than that, hit dice and proficiencies look pretty standard for a sort of lightly armored spellcaster of some sort, maybe a bard-type red mage kind of thing?

Thank you for including random starting wealth! Everyone forgets that!

The table appears to have a lot of dead levels. I'm hoping this is because multiple features grow or expand at later levels?

Feats? Class prerequisite feats? Now that is fascinating! It's out of place and not part of the preload, but it's fascinating. It's also completely and totally not how 5th edition works. Why are these feats if the class provides them to you as class features? Just make them class features and organize them in the level progression!

Dream walk should be phrased such that it allows a character to cast astral projection during a long rest. The consequence of dream walk is too vague. As written, it implies the only time they can spend hit dice is during a long rest.

Being left open to an attack of opportunity while on the astral plane surrounded by sleeping people is kind of a silly consequence. By definition, if your character is doing this, their targets must be sleeping, no?

OK, so you're using a homebrew spell from another wiki. Specifically, the wikia community. I'm going to have to ask GD if that's OK or not. There are some communities which violate our copyright policy, so this might not be acceptable.

In fact, I'm going to stop here. This is a highly problematic class, and I haven't even gotten past first level yet. it needs a bunch of work, especially in regards to formatting and wording. I'm going to mark it as unfinished.

--Kydo (talk) 13:42, 16 December 2018 (MST)

Thanks for the Review[edit]

Thanks for the review Kydo . I appreciate the review. I feel as though the page may have a few points that are misunderstood. While I also take your recommendations to heart I will attempt to clarify as well as go back and fix/modify as I go through each point.

I suppose I should start with stating I am terrible at fluff except when put on the spot I'll do my best to work on that. I prob should go through and better develop the concept and how this class came to be. With that said I actually had been toying with the idea the unique skills came from a spirit dragon name Ugin (From MTG) If I ever solidify the idea I will let you know. The other concepts that have been thrown around is the class works similar to a genasi the abilities evolved from attempting to mess with the dreamscape and having the chaos of it thrust upon the caster before learning to tame it and use its power to its maximum potential.

The section reading Proficiencies - Armor: Light was intended to mean Light Armor (I.E. Studded Leather etc) and has been updated to read as such. I understand first impressions mean everything and for this I have no excuse it should have been caught earlier because I have the finer mechanics going through playtesting to see how viable it is one way or the other many of us at the table are long time DMs and automatically assumed it meant Light Armor. I suppose that's what I get for assuming. I Thought about writing it out to be entirely honest and leaving the class up to cloth but the class was intended to be sturdier and based on a character a friend described to me and since 5e did away with Arcane Spell Failure assuming the class is proficient in Light Armor it should be able to cast without hindrance so I said sure lets see how light armor treats you.

The Dead Levels were indeed meant to be for the possibility of expanding spells. It's not uncommon for such a thing to occur and I find in play testing they are spaced in a way that the Narrative seems to push them past the dead levels only keeping them there long enough to learn how the abilities work.

The section "Dream Weaver Feats" was most likely misworded. I used a format based on a Warlock Build which included such phrasing but that's more or less what I get for using a template someone else made. It was intended to be Dream Weaver Features. I also realise this was a misunderstanding on my part it has been removed as its redundant with class features being listed at the top. I would also aim to mention that placing class based features in that location is indeed part of the preload and is common with every DND class to date. In the warlocks case that is the slot for the invocations, pact magic, and other similar class features. I understand with the misunderstanding came from my terminology is not the greatest I will have to work on that piece of the class more. As for Prerequisite Feats I am aware of several one that comes to mind is "Drow High Magic" Which requires the Drow Race. The link I posted specifying feats and prerequisites was to a list of all DND feats which includes several that are race locked.

As for the Dream Walk it is intended to be used to be able to be used whenever they see fit. The ability is intended to be a technique unique to the form of magic by allowing them to sustain themselves on the power of dreams. This however is not only meant to be done during a short rest/long rest but intended to be able to be used whenever the Dream Weaver finds a sleeping soul. In the case of say a Nocturnal Beast the Dream Weaver could enter the beasts dreams by mediating next to it. However this doesn't prevent attacks from around her/him and on the contrary leaves them open for attacks of opportunity though this was based on the assumption you leave your body behind and its the physical form that is left to attack I may need to rework The ability as a whole. That was my logic for the ability anyway. If that was unclear in the description I welcome any help on wording to better express what was intended. Also I agree the ability to expend hit die only after dream eating is a bit overzealous. This is a class after all not a race so there's no reason to stop them from being able to heal other methods as well.

I actually didn't know using a spell from the wikia community was prohibited to be completely honest. In hindsight many of the spells I have linked are hosted on the wikia community. Assuming you are referring to the "Dream" The spell is in the SRD as well as Roll20's 5e compendium so I was unaware this was a homebrew of a homebrew albeit I may have mistranscribed its meaning which may have also contributed to the issue at hand. I should most likely change the link associated with it. (Edit) I saw while writing this that the links were removed and replaced with dandwiki friendly versions I appreciate the help I didn't even know that was a thing till now It would seem I have alot of learning to do.

I wanted to go over the healing bit last. While I understand this is problematic and still needs allot of work. The idea I had for it was almost as if to combine to different spells one being the shield and another being a scaled healing spell rather than casting it at a higher level. So my question would be what do you think about changing the ability to require a 2 actions so its as if two spells had been cast in one? I feel as though tieing it directly to the players health bar might have been a bit much however lowering it to 1/2 or even 1/4 of the casters HP leaves the spell abit more balanced in my opinion. Any ideas on that?

-Spawn3601 (talk) 4:47, 16 December 2018 (CST)

The links to other wikis wouldn't be a problem if they'd agree to respect copyrights the same way we do. There are reasons for the disagreements, but just to avoid legal consequences, we don't allow links to websites that violate copyrights from this community or WotC.
I'll take a further look at this sometime soon. I've currently exhausted myself doing other reviews and miscellaneous wiki activity. --Kydo (talk) 16:10, 16 December 2018 (MST)
Makes perfect sense and I wouldn't want to get you guys in trouble or WotC for that matter. Do you know if links to platforms such as the Roll20 Compendium or DNDBeyond is permitted? Not that I don't wish to use your platforms interlinking I am just not as familiar with its tags and I use multiple mediums/platforms, or Do you think it would just be safer to fight with DandDwiki's premade pages? Also thank you in advance for taking a look in the future I am fairly new to making homebrew but The concept I think has allot of potential and I can't wait to see it come to fruition -Spawn3601 (talk) 5:17, 16 December 2018 (CST)
You know what, I did this wrong. You should be included in this discussion. Here's a link to the talk page on the links policy. I'm having a chat with an admin about this subject. You're welcome to join. Talk:DnD Links --Kydo (talk) 16:40, 16 December 2018 (MST)
Oh my, I won't lie and say I understood even half of what I just read. I do usually read quickly however it would seem there might be some very serious stuff going on in the background. I do appreciate the link I'll try to read over it more thoroughly when I get off work tomorrow morning I work nights mostly so my reply times are very niche. It would seem to make perfect sense in your question that you posted. Out of curiosity what did you mean by you did this wrong. Seems you took very logic steps? -Spawn3601 (talk) 7:13, 16 December 2018 (CST)
It's rude to just decide stuff for other users without giving them any input. I should have linked you in at the start. Also, not much serious is going on atm. Most of that page is old conversations. The topic in question is at the bottom of the page. --Kydo (talk) 18:42, 16 December 2018 (MST)

Second Draft Review[edit]

OK! Let's see if I can get this done before tomorrow morning! I'm at work doing this on my cell phone so itll be done in chunks so I don't lose my progress. Here we go! --Kydo (talk) 19:29, 17 December 2018 (MST)

Basic Stats
The hit die, proficiencies, and gear all look appropriate. However, "bows" is a little vague. The precedent is to write out both long bows and short bows. It is EXTREMELY interesting that this class provides weapon and armor proficiencies, but only provides melee weapon gear options and now armor options. Not being able to have a decent AC from that proficiency until you buy your gear is an interesting, if superficial, counterbalance.
This is a full-caster with a slightly larger than normal hit die. Generally, the tradeoff for magical power is a loss of physical power in the form of AC, attack, damage, and hit points. Because this class grants light armor proficiency, a player with multiple good stats to make a MAD build could have an AC as high as 17 and starting hp as high as 13. Those would be some pretty lucky rolls, but those maximums are higher than what is possible with any other full caster class. Now, this on its own is not a bad thing. Full casters have room for additional power in the form of features, so it's possible to spend some feature power budget in favour of some fundamental power. However, it leaves you with less room to make features without going overboard. This will be something I will be keeping an eye on as I go through my review. Also, you need to actually write a spellcasting feature for thos class to explain the following:
  • How they learn spells.
  • If they can replace spells.
  • If they need to prepare spells.
  • Whether they can cast spells as rituals.
  • And more, if there are any other unique spellcasting mechanics! Take a look at the details of the spellcasting features in the PHB and you'll notice that they all work a little differently. Clerics know every spell on their class spell list but can only prepare so many to cast during an adventuring day. Wizards don't know their spells, they collect them as gear in a spellbook and prepare a limited number from there. Sorcerers only know a portion of their spell list but can cast any spell they know. Etc.
Edit. Oh. Wait. You do have a spellcasting feature. It's just out of order. Please organize the class features to be in the order in which they gain features. If a character gains multiple features in a single level, organize them alphabetically. Now, let's take a look at this thing...
An intelligence caster. Other than that, you need to clarify spellcasting accessibility. It looks like they cast as a sorcerer, despite being study-oriented? They also can't use a spellcasting focus, which is an interesting way to counterbalance them. This means they must use spell components or a component pouch. Since their class does not give them their component pouch, they will have to buy this later.
Dream Walker
I understand you don't want to use the spell Astral Projection for mechanical reasons. As such, you will need to explain the details of how this astral projection works. One solution might be to state "you can project yourself astrally, as in the spell Astral Projection, but with the following additional rules". You might also want to attach some kind of auction economy to this feature. As it is, a player could project astrally, end that projection, attack, bonus attack, move, take something out of their pack, and make an opportunity attack. There is nothing stopping them from activating and deactivating this feature an infinite number of times on a single turn. Also, you need to control the targeting. "Feeding on the dreams of those around them" is extremely vague. How far away? Can they feed on multiple dreams? What kind of nourishment does this provide? Is there a limit to how many dreams they can eat, or can they just walk around eating the dreams of every person in a city? What are the consequences of this on the dreamer?
Personally, I find that the idea of them wandering the astral plane to eat dreams is a little awkward. I would have them enter a homebrew plane that exists just for this feature called the Dreamscape, which is unique to each person and exists only when they sleep. I understand you likely disagree with me on that point, it's an issue of flavor, not mechanics, and my idea of the flavor for this contradicts some of the mechanics. Take that advice for what you will.
Dream Eater
OK, let's talk semantics. The targeting rules for 5e are very pedantic and specific. If you state that a target must be a "willing creature", then that means it is impossible to target an unwilling one. If you want an effect to be able to target anyone, simply state that the target is a creature without any adjectival details. As it is, you have rules for eating the dreams of unwilling creatures, even though the effect states it cannot target them in the first place.
Next, if you aren't going to specify how the dream eater die changes as the character increases in level in the feature, it might be easier to add a column to the class chart. Call it a dream die. Then, in the feature, instead of saying d4, state that this feature uses the dream die from the class chart and reference back to that dream die. It'd be kind of like the sneak attack die from the rogue class.
The initial targeting ja a little clumsily worded. Are you saying the target must be known and on the same plane, or that the target must be on a plane that is known? What does it mean to "know" a target? Know their identity? Know their name? Know their location? How much knowledge is required here?
Next, it's a little muddy as to what is happening mechanically here, but I think I get the gist of what you're aiming for. If you don't mind, here is my attempt at rephrasing this feature for clarity.
"The dream Weaver can communicate through the dreams of other creatures over long distances. To do this, the dream weaver, or a willing creature they are touching, must enter a trance, during which they can sense their surroundings but cannot act or or move. The creature in the trance, or the dream weaver, can end the trance using their reaction at any time. Upon entering this trance, the dream weaver chooses a target they know personally that is currently on the same plane as themselves. If the target of the dream feature is asleep, the creature in trance appears in their dreams in any form they wish, and can communicate with the target as well as shape the dreams to their will. If the target is not asleep, the trance ends immediately. While in another creature's dream, the creature in trance can cause the target to have a nightmare, engaging in a Wisdom contest with the target. On a success, the target does not gain any benefit from the rest during which they were sleeping and takes psychic damage equal to the dream weaver's dream die. On a fail, the trance ends immediately. If another creature in a trance attempts to enter the dream of the target, the two creatures engage in a wisdom contest. Whichever creature loses the contest ends their trance immediately."
EDIT: OMG I'm just a little slow tonight. I get it now. You're trying to give them the ability to cast the spell Dream at will. That's... pretty powerful. There is a reason that spell, like astral projection, is not a cantrip. I have to say, in addition to being a full caster and halfway survivable in combat, this is a little much.

As an aside, this is actually starting to sound like a pretty cool class. Very Inception inspired. I cam see a whole campaign being driven just by the features listed thus far. Giving this class to a villain NPC would allow all kinds of crazy narrative shenanigans.

Dream Path
Go back into the class table and change the word feat into feature. Feats and features are not the same thing. I will examine the Balance of the subclasses at the end when I get to them. This class is unique in that its subclasses are the bulk of its features.
Feats are an optional rule. Remove the line about feats.
Uncanny Dodge
It is very strange that this is given to a full caster. This is a xombat-oriented component of a class feature for the ranger's hunter subclass. This, in addition to their armor proficiency, sets them well above the combat capability of most spellcasters.

OK, nope, not gonna get this done before midnight. Le sigh. I guess I'll pick up from where I left off tomorrow.

--Kydo (talk) 23:26, 17 December 2018 (MST)
I love the deeper review this class it is really inspiring to me. I figured id go through and make a few comments on each point as well as ask for help in others if your okay with helping me further.
Basic Stats
Since this was intended to be a mid to high powered campaign class I most likely should have specified this at the start just not sure how. However, I also want to balance it if possible for the lower tiers making it just out of reach of what it should be.
As for the equipment my only response is...Oh what even? it never even occurred to me for some reason the template is not showing the 3rd and 4th item you can get as starting equipment
Edit - I found a formatting Error the code reads
|item1a= Short Sword, or Short Bow
|item1b= Dagger
|item1c= Handaxe
|item2a= An Explorer's Pack
|item2b= An Dungeoneer's Pack
|item3= A Shortbow with 20 Arrows
|item4= Leather Armor, two Daggers, Component Pouch
It chose to do nothing with the 3rd and 4th lines because I messed up on my end will be fixing that now as I may have just figured out today that the system doesnt read that formating as actual items XD Thank you Rouge SRD for giving me the correct code and making me feel dumb lol
Yeah I got no excuse for this one thanks for helping pointing out the specifics. Man making a class is really complicated but imma make this awesome and formatted properly if it kills me. I will most likely have to fix this section after the holidays for obvious reasons I will also flesh out fully each of the points you listed with extra focus on
  • How they learn spells.
  • If they can replace spells.
  • If they need to prepare spells.
  • Whether they can cast spells as rituals.
They were always intended to have a component pouch so here's to hoping my edits worked
Dream Walker
This being one of the biggest things I want to get into the class I will deff go back and go over it with a fine tooth comb making sure I leave no room for misinterpretation. It was never intended to be spammed in battle thats for sure. I also wanted to make it clearer on the mechanics. A few points imma have to work in.
  • Dream Walk Takes an action
  • It is an out of body spell (In the long run perhapse Astral Projection is best for this) with you returning to your body when it ends
  • I Will either rework the feeding section or remove it entirely as it was meant to mean the Dream Weaver can use Dream Eater while in the form.
  • The consequences of Dream Walk are honestly non existent although in hindsight they shouldn't be. I am thinking of limiting it to a [Use Per Day * Intelligence Mod to keep within 5e Mechanics]
As far as entering a homebrew location actually I was wary to do that in general however looking more and more into it I actually love the idea. It would make way more sense if the place they entered was a world they contacted one parallel to ours I just didn't want them to physically enter a new world empty and devoid of life cept for dreams I wanted them to be more of like an invisible spirit that peeks in on the bubbles that float above people's heads and when they see one going Awry take a nibble like a flumph and reshape it into something better or for those more nefarious players something horrid and dark.
Dream Eater
Actually you hit it right on the head I envisioned Dream Eater as a kind of Vampiric Sneak Attack so formatting it as such should have been obvious in my mind. I kinda feel dumb not realising it sooner will make edits very soon for that
Dude im am so glad you are seeing what I was going for it's a really neat concept even if I made it fairly overpowered. TBH I wouldn't mind making an inception themed Camp and running 4 Dream Weavers would be a freakin blast XD
Also yep giving the class Dream as a cantrip is exactly what I intended to do. It's very unbalanced but it feels like a great RP Feature to grant the class although I'm debating if it should also be limited to Int Mod/Day.
Also assuming your okay with it might I use your wording it cleans up even the SRDs version of the Dream spells confusion for most new players. Even I had problems deciphering what it was meant to do and I have DMd for awhile now? If you're not okay with it I will of course remove your phrasing and work out something on my own. I can also give credit if need be although not sure if that's proper formatting or not so not sure lemme know.
Dream Path
Done and Done
Oops XD Removed
Uncanny Dodge
This was actually solely added because the original player asked me to and I honestly never even figured it would see this much attention originally I planned it as a cool high powered class that had everything a friend wanted. However it has taken on a life of its own and looking back I been debating removing it. More so with its ability to heal and deal damage it just plain isn't needed lemme know you think im not against completely scrapping it.
Path of the Dream Reaper
I wanna be up front with you. Path of the Dream Reaper will most likely be one of the most controversial subclasses and problematic. It is the one that absorbs damage to spread around healing. I love the idea and mechanic and I wanna balance it so any help would be welcome I don't want to scrap it by any means but I do wanna balance it without making it unusable or clunky.
--Spawn3601 (talk) 12:14 PM, 21 December 2018 (EST)
Edit - I actually found some time to go through and delv deeper into each piece turns out it didn't take as much time as I original anticipated and I got through most of it pretty quickly I should have implemented most if not all of the edits I said I would thanks for reviewing and happy Holidays ^_^
--Spawn3601 (talk) 14:35, 21 December 2018 (MST)

Can I Join In The Discussion[edit]

Hi, I'm new so I am just trying to immerse myself with the community. Dream Weaver seems really interesting, and Kudo has already done a great job critiquing it (a whole lot, didn't read it all...). I do want to point out that the damage dice for Dream Eater is sort of weird, because first we have 1d4, then 2d4, then 1d8. What the heck happened there. 2d4 has a minimum of 2, while 1d8 has a minimum of 1 with the same maximum. Then we have 2d8 and then 1d10. THE HECK JUST HAPPENED THERE. Not only does the minimum decreases again, the maximum decreases! It would make players want to stay at fifteenth level and use the other five levels in another class... --Cosmos (talk) 12:54, 21 December 2018 (MST)

You're good man welcome to the community. I hadn't even noticed I screwed up the dmg die progression admittedly I need to fire my beta testers (not literally im the Alpha tester and that should have been caught) I am kinda sketch on the dmg die progressions so imma check it here in a second
Edit I changed the damage die progression I think to make a bit more sense I may go back and alter it again here in a second to match the rogues sneak attack damage die progression not sure yet any thoughts?
--Spawn3601 (talk) 13:11, 21 December 2018 (MST)
Edited --Spawn3601 (talk) 13:17, 21 December 2018 (MST)
That could be a good idea, actually. Only thing I'd like to say is that if you do that, due to the fact that Sneak Attack for the Rogue does 10d6 on an attack with advantage, that is a lot of damage, for circumstances that are more or less uncommon, you should limit how often the Dream Walker can use this ability and/or set more conditions for Dream Eater to be used.
On a side note, I took another quick skim through the class details and made some minor spelling and grammar errors (only a few, didn't actively look for errors) but don't worry I won't sue you XD.
And back to the Dream Eater damage dice. Hmmm. Level 1 - 1d4. Level 4 - 1d8. Level 8 - 1d10. Level 12 - 2d6. Level 16 - 2d8. Level 18 - 3d8. If you don't do a progression similar to the Sneak Attack Damage Dice for the Rogue, I would suggest that you do this progression: 1d4, 1d8, 1d12, 2d8, (at 20th lb, not 18th) 2d10. I dunno, that'w just my opinion. Just fits what looks nice and orderly to me. I'm probably just being picky.
And if you click on your name (which at the moment is red), it'll take you to an empty page that you can create and put in details about yourself (click on key name for an example).
--Cosmos (talk) 08:42, 22 December 2018 (MST)
Aaaannd I got more to say. :P
For pretty much every official spellcasting class, they have dead levels at points when they gain access to higher levels. I can see that your dead levels have no relation whatsoever to the spell level accessibility. Did you do this on purpose? Even if you did, I would suggest you find out a way to shift things around to get dead levels at the levels when the player will be able to use more powerful spells.
--Cosmos (talk) 08:49, 22 December 2018 (MST)
So I went and and fought with the ability and changed it to a variant of base weapon damage progression. It wasn't intended to be very high dmg output so I tried to keep it lower in comparison to level and health.
I checked on the name being red thing it would seem as though I never actually put anything in my introductory page I am debating taking a look around at other peoples pages seeing what they have and formulating an idea of what I would most likely put there assuming its meant to be a quick "Hey this is me and what I do thanks for stopping by" style of page. The talk page link should be active though.
The dead levels does appear to be a constant issue for me I noticed it during play testing when running Tomb of Annihilation. The class had definitive dead levels. I will go back and work on that for sure I don't want anyone stuck in a place where the class just seems to do nothing. I had originally planned it to coincide with spell gains I might need to go back and work over when and the class gains certain spells/abilities thanks for letting me know I'll be looking into this after the holidays
--Spawn3601 (talk) 15:31, 29 December 2018 (MST)

Please Take Care Not To Drastically Edit[edit]

I know this talk has been dead for some time now, however I just had someone drastically edit my original revision on the Dream Weaver which vastly changed not only the class as a whole but attempted to nest two very different classes together. I removed all the edits for several reasons.

1. The edits were in a vastly different format from my class.
2. It was not nested properly and contained several conflicting spells and gameplay mechanics to include granting an already powerful caster cantrips they already could learn as spells, not including the revisions in the class feature outline, and nesting it before all of my other content.
3. It attempted to blend en entirely new set of 'paths' as if it was two classes in one allowing for 2 different sets of 3 choices for branching abilities and skills that do not line up with the base mechanics of the class
4. In tandem with my 3rd reason it conflicts with the base 'fluff' lore I have created. The class is essentially a boosted and modified draconic bloodline archetype sorcerer/warlock/cleric blending the 3 and gaining the ability to shape the power of the dreamscape into powerful nightmares or flights of fancy. The changes attempted to turn what is a powerful dream based caster into an empathic heart and feelings based character who uses abilities based on the will of the heart instead if the mind and subconscious that the class is based on.
5. While it is not necessary there was no warning of a mass edit. While I really enjoy the idea of adding in some more cantrips and even some sort of empathic aspect the class doesn't support multiple branching class choices and would need heavy consultation for the average editor to blend something on that scale into a class that is already as it stands more or less complete

--Spawn3601 (talk) 09:23, 24 May 2019 (MDT)

Dream Weaver Finishing Touches[edit]

Hello, I'm still relatively new to DnD as a whole, but I have just recently finished playing through a campaign with a Dream Weaver character and I must thank you and tell you that it was very enjoyable. My main question here is about the final level 20 ability, Dream Release. There is currently nothing on the page itself, and I was not sure if you had plans to finish that out at any point or even had a rough idea of what it was going to entail? I would be more than happy to assist wherever I may be able to.

Dream Release[edit]

To be honest I was working through the class with one of my friends and they somewhat left my group so I had never gotten to creating the ability and more or less forgot about it. Ooops. I put some thought into it and will be doing some editing here shortly but I am very glad you enjoyed playing the Dream Weaver it was meant to be a fairly powerful if only niche class. It pairs very well with Genasi and Dragonborn IMO. if you have any recommendations for Dream Release please don't hesitate to state your mind I am always interested in hearing what people have in mind more so from those who have actually played the class. I will also be editing the healing to superficially nerf it. By making it only heal by allowing the player to expend a certain number of hit die which I think will bring this class closer to mid tier games.

--Spawn3601 (talk) 11:53, 7 September 2019 (MDT)

A General Update[edit]

So I did a mass grammar fix changed out the last of a bunch of missworded issues specifically with times per day vs a number of time equal to XD. I also did a core mechanic shift on the path of the Dream Reaper. Originally it was extremely powerful. To powerful the healing was nuts although many have said they enjoyed it I would love to hear what you all have to say on the matter was it two powerful was did it feel weak? Anyways I took inspiration from a DNDBeyond homebrew I saw and altered it to it now allows players to heal based on thier own Hit Die im curious how this will help/hurt players who choose to use the path it still allows for great healing but now it comes at a cost and won't entirely derail campaigns that have heavy hitters or make those adorable beholders useless. --Spawn3601 (talk) 16:21, 20 December 2019 (MST)

The edits look good, and they fixed the issues that where listed on the maintenance templates. Good work so far. --Green Dragon (talk) 10:08, 23 December 2019 (MST)
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