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Any comments are welcome, it's my first class so I know it's not perfect! --LuigieEgbert 12:39pm 20 August 2016 (cst)

I gotta admit, I really enjoy this concept, a close up fighter using magic to reinforce their body and weapon instead of channeling that magic into spells while still giving you plenty of skills to choose from. However, as great as this is, I like all the abilities and such, but having one single character have access to ALL of this (and it's quite a lot) is pretty unbalanced in my opinion and you'd be hard pressed to find a DM that would let you use this class as it is now. What I think it needs (And by no means am I an expert, I've just done a ton of reading in the PHB and other classes people have home brewed) is for the skills to be seperated into a couple of archetypes, one focusing on damage and the other focusing on defense/resistance, and skills which would apply to the class no matter which archetype you chose. Granted these are all suggestions, you don't have to follow them, I'm just saying that it is a LOT for one single character to have and it could somewhat easily make them unbalanced and overpowered. --RandomReader 11:59pm 5 October 2016(cst)

Hey thanks so much for the advice, I'll cut a couple abilities and change it up a bit to try for more balance. --LuigiEgbert 11:20am 12 October 2016(cst)

I removed indomitable, and I nerfed a lot of abilities. If anyone has any more advice, it would be very welcome!--LuigiEgbert 1:51pm 12 October 2016(cst)


I find most of the traits to be lacking in definition. One example: "As a reaction to a attack, expending 5 charges of ambient magic gives a hostile enemy disadvantage on a attack roll. ". 1) Which attack (an attack against you?) 2) Which hostile enemy? The one that made the attack? 3) Which attack roll? The next one it makes?

Also, it looks like all the ambient magic values are multiples of 5, is that correct? Marasmusine (talk) 12:55, 12 October 2016 (MDT)

Reply from Creator

I'll fix it and define the effects more!

It alternates from 5, then 10, 5, then 10. I wanted a table that would end at 150 because it seemed like a good number. Originally it was 200, which is multiples of 10 but that was too much now that I'm looking back over it. --LuigiEgbert 2:23pm 12 October 2016(cst)

I lowered the points table, additionally, I think 150 might have been too much and the class did get the unbalanced sticker, if I can do anything to balance it more, please let me know! --LuigiEgbert 2:26pm 12 October 2016(cst)

Hello, thanks for your reply. There's a lot to go through. "Immediate reaction", "basic melee attack", "remainder of the encounter" are 4th edition terms. Another random one from lower down, "weapon's critical is lowered by one", in 5e critical hits have set values, to avoid stacking. I do offer a re-write service if you want this to be brought to a good standard. Marasmusine (talk) 16:40, 12 October 2016 (MDT)

Hoshido Bond is incomplete[edit]

The skill 'Hoshido Bond' has its description cut short.

"You can expend 2 ambient magic............"

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