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Level Adjustment Goal and Rating[edit]

Stating; This is supposed to be an attempt to redefine the SRD's Half-Dragon template into a full blood race, though at a somewhat weaker ability as to lower it's level adjustment, preferably to zero. In attempting to do so, I've limited the immunity given by the Half-Dragon to a resistance that will only ever get stronger with the dragonkin, as well as made attribute changes fit into my ideal of the "+2 limit", which states that in order to make a balanced race with stat adjustments, the total gain from all adjustments must be at +2 or lower, or the level adjustment goes up by one, and continues to do so at each multiple of two. For example, all of this race's stat adjustments add up to +2, considering +6STR+2CON-4CHA-2DEX. I am mostly concerned if the abilities the dragonkin has are still capable of achieving a +0LA, since these are much more difficult to judge, alone.

I'd appreciate any and all ideas, suggestions, or even confirmations of the current revision's eligibility. Jwguy 03:38, 5 July 2011 (MDT)

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