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just a question:should'nt this class also be available to half-dragons as to ameliorate their draconic heritage abilities.

No, this class is specifically for the Dragon Race variant I created. - Avlindrel_Fallentree 7:40 April 17th 2009

I'm playing a Fearie Dragon (Dr) atm and have a few things I'd like to point out: 1 It says the natural armor BECOMES +2, many dragons already have that or more (I had +4 at base level). 2 Average fly speed should have a clause to those that already have better. Fearie dragons have fly 100ft (perfect). In cases that have better already it should improve a step, and if perfect then speed should increase. 3 In what way does breath increase by 1d6? damage? I don't do damage, my only d6 is hold long I daze targets. 1d6+2d6 rounds dazed would be nuts... No offense to you, good idea, D&D just requires very specific wording and clauses for exceptional cases.

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