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Finally made this class, if anyone is willing to commentate and help to test and balance it I will be grateful--Cezaryx (talk) 16:34, 10 October 2020 (MDT)

There's a lot of vague and poorly worded things in here.

  • The first thing to grab my attention was the background. It's biased, sloppily written and makes little sense.
  • Another thing is the name itself. IMO the name Death's Incarnation or something similar would be better than Death's Incarnate.
  • Next up is the Creating Deaths Incarnate section. Again, strangely worded and biased.

Throughout the entire page there is a variety of grammatical errors and unnecessarily long descriptions. As of writing this, I've only taken a cursory glance at the capabilities of this class. I may return later to provide further (hopefully) helpful criticism. --Amalgamation (talk) 14:34, 30 December 2020 (MST)

-Hello, My major problem with this class is the 'One with the number' ability.

"Yet every death incarnate present on any given plane of existence knows about all the others that are there."

This was surprisingly hard for me the DM of a player who used this class.

If your world does not have plane travel ability like mine, then you will have a handset of numbers. it was annoying to add extra details of npc who will have no baring on the story. And everything about these npc has to be planned in advance. You cannot just plop them in and be relevant without the players questioning "how come I did not know them sooner?" --Bucketman (talk) 23:09, 21 April 2022 (MDT)

Hello there, to say something about your problems - it is a bit hard for me to answer. I did not really made this class thinking about this, well, border example. I went with canon for dnd, so multitude of planes were one of key assumptions here - that being said, you could always change it a bit to better fit your world. For example, major world parts, such as underdark, feywild, shadowfell or even other planets(if your world have any of them of course) could be those borders or limits for this ability. Any extraplanar places, demiplanes and such would work too. Also, it is not really a complementary knowledge about every other incarnate in existence - the exact wording is: "You know number, name and one-sentence description of any Death incarnate present on plane of existence you are on, as well as you magically learn about any who come to that plane of existence, and any other know about you". It is more like a sense on the back of your head, and the one sentence is really all you need. Moreover, it will be all the player will get; it can be something as simple as "Chained devil", or "One gazing into the stars". It is like the knowledge of someone in crime syndicate - you do know someone exists, you do know something about them, but what really? Their place of stay - no, why, their race - no, why, their ideas - like before. You can plant a few in the world with one sentence each, and just leave it like that. When you would need one, or when the player would actively searching for one, then you could make that NPC for real, up to that point they are just stories, as good as dead( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). And for the ones popping into existence - that could be a plot device too. Once a GM told me a group of around twenty-something incarnates crossed to the world the campaign was taking place simultaneously, just before major military conflict - so it goes without saying we as the players were puzzled; after all, they did not join our - presumably - good side, which made us really hesistant. Also, in poland we have a child's tale that somewhere in the Tatra Mountains there is a cave with uncountable number of knights and warriors from across the times slumbering, to awaken only when our homeland would be in most dire of dangers. Maybe that cave is extradimensional space in your world, and instead of soldiers defending a country there is a trio of ancient incarnates, who sworn to balance the world of man and dragons - even if that means to forcefully reduce the numbers of one of the sides to re-introduce the stalemate. Sorry, I can only give you examples and ideas, but I am not sure either if the ability itself is not to blame on the problems for its somewhat vague explanation. I thought it was cool, but I can be easily wrong, this was my first homebrew ever made, now I would do things differently.
I also have a question for you. After playing it a bit I thought the class is a bit underwhelming at lower levels in mechanical sense - not many features to use in battle, outside of it, no spellcasting, not more skills than usual to compensate and so on. What are your thoughts after having someone play it? I was thinking about remaking the lower levels to around 10th-11th level, but I was never sure, and then I simply forgot.---Cezaryx (talk) 11:45, 22 April 2022 (MDT)
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