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I think this is a great idea for an NPC class, but I'm not sure about these (to begin with):

  • they have three good saves
  • the features keep refering to "player" even though this is an NPC class
  • divine grace seems really vague. It seems to allow the NPC a 50/50 chance of doing something to a PC, including killing them instantly? NPC classes are supposed to be very simple, less powerful than a PC class.
  • shadow magic: the morning ritual would most likely kill the cultist; if they survive, actually casting a spell would finish them off.
  • what is a deformity feat?

I suggest using SRD:Adept as a base. Marasmusine (talk) 01:48, 25 June 2014 (MDT)

here are my oppinion:

  • this seems to powerful for an NPC class, whom are meant to be slightly weaker than player classes
  • adept already covers most of the ground for this class
  • base attack bonus is way too high for an spellcaster, having an base attack bunus equal to your hit dice is an trait typically restricted to classes who focus entirely on combat, fighter, barbarian, even the warrior npc class are all examples of classes who use the high base attack bonus. For classes who dabble in combat, pick the medium base attack bonus progression, typically used by rouges and clerics
  • the you spell divine like so, and divine grace should have its effects be more consistent, and should scale as you gain levels, or at least be an abillity gained later in the progression. Suggestions for effects that the divine grace abillity.
  • the bonus item creation feats are not nessesary, and does not add to the flavor of the class in any meaningful way
  • divine grace is also the name of an palladin abillity, so you may need to change its name to avoid confusion, or you can change the cultist abillity to match the palladin feature, after all, you wanted this class to be good at saves, so letting the cultist add their charisma bonus to all saving throws at second level seems like an reasonable feature, much more resonable than whatever vague stuff you had before
  • the 4th level spells in this spell list contain an suspicious amount of spells that are normally 7th level for other classes. While it is normally fine for some classes to cast some spells earlier, and it is completely fine for animate dead to be an 4th level spell for wizards but an 3rd level spell for clerics, this is going too far, since this class whoose abilities and traits seem to imply it is not strictly combat focused i do not think it makes sense for him to cast certain spells three levels earlier than most preparation casters

i donno how format work 16:41, 27th of november 2019 CET

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