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This creature has a few problems with its stat block:

  • "Mega gargantuan" is not a valid size.
  • The hit points alone make this a good deal beyond CR 30; for both this and the previous bullet point I recommend redesigning this with Mythic Monsters (5e Variant Rule).
  • Resistance to all damage types but psychic make the creature's 1,800 HP mean a lot more than it should.
  • "Exhausted" is listed twice under condition immunities, and the proper way to refer to that is "exhaustion."
  • Why is this creature immune to incapacitated and prone?
  • "Marley" is not an official language.
  • I have no idea what Curse of Ymir is supposed to do since there is no "transformation" ability in the creature's stat block.
  • There is no system in D&D for called shots; thus, what it means to make a called shot needs to be codified.
  • So the reaction basically negates the neck weakness?
  • The page needs a copyright disclaimer since this is based off the Attack on Titan franchise.

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