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Please do not edit this page without discussing it here first. --Cobaltfalcon (talk) 02:34, 1 July 2017 (MDT)

You may be the original creator of the page but be aware that this is a wiki(read this for more information Help:Attribution) as such everything is a collaborative work. The most recent revision of this page as per this comment is the most balanced and coherent version of the page since creation due to its alignment with the 5e_Race_Design_Guide and the Musicus_Meter_(5e_Guideline). You've already butted heads with three users as per the history tab of this page and continued removal of content designed to add to the page due to it not being yours may lead to you receiving a strike on your account. If you have any further concerns please bring this up here before you got undoing and removing other users edits. Thank you. ConcealedLight (talk) 13:30, 19 January 2018 (MST)

Musicus Rating[edit]

Musicus Meter
Score: 5.5-7
This race scored 5.5-7 with the Musicus Meter race guidelines (score between 4 and 6 to an absolute maximum of 8). This metric may represent this page, or not. This is a guideline, not a rule, and it's important to use your own judgment alongside this scoring.
This scoring may be the groundwork for a focused {{needsbalance}} usage. A contributor to this page may request a detailed breakdown of this page's balance. Without this information, {{needsbalance}} may then be removed. This meter cannot be used to enforce needsbalance templates.
This template should only be placed on a race's talk page. If this template is not placed on the talk page, please move it.

ConcealedLight (talk) 07:55, 19 January 2018 (MST)

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