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Notes from the creator[edit]

These are some notes on how the cerulean imitator Ticks--1337 w0n (talk) 19:15, 23 July 2012 (MDT)

If you were directed here from a page other than "Cerulean Imitator (3.5e Class)" or my user page, consider all information here as applying to the class you were directed from as it applies to the cerulean imitator, unless otherwise noted on the class page.1337 w0n (talk) 10:15, 30 November 2012 (MST)

Images and Miscellaneous

1. "Ability" is a catch-all phrase for something that a cerulean imitator can imitate. (A class feature, racial trait or literal ability (Ex, Su, Sp, Ps))

2. An "Imitation" is an ability that a cerulean imitator is currently able to use and is taking up an imitation slot.

3. Except for how otherwise noted, the specifics of how imitations and traits work is defined by how they worked with the creature they are copied from. (e.g. How often they can be used, how much damage they do, etc.)

Rules for Perfect Imitation

1. What the DM says goes. Period. If the DM says "You can't learn Bahamaut's disintegration ray" it means you can't learn Bahamut's disintegration ray. If the DM says "You can learn the monk's unarmed strike, but not it's damage reduction qualities" (s)he's right. Yes, even if it contradicts what's written here.

2. A cerulean imitator may learn imitations from another cerulean imitator.

3. If using intelligence does not make sense, don't use intelligence.

4. If a cerulean imitator loses an imitation that fulfilled the Prerequisite of a feat, that cerulean imitator losses that feat. And may gain a feat to replace it.

5. If a class uses a class feature on, around, or near (In line of sight) of a cerulean imitator, that cerulean imitator is entitled a check to see if she learns it, so long as it can be observed. This includes a rouge's dogging abilities, a paladins lay on hands, a monks unarmed strike, etc.

6. Class Features do not advance with cerulean imitator levels. The modifiers might change, but the feature itself does not. (e.g.: while how much HP a cerulean imitator can heal with Lay on Hands increases with cerulean imitator levels, how many d6 damage done by a warlock's Eldritch Blast does not.)

7. A cerulean imitator can only learn up to one of each of the following: a Gaze Attack, a Slam Attack, and a Breath Weapon.

8. Overridden Imitations:If a cerulean imitator gains a class feature that overrides an imitation she has (Such as a breath weapon) she may forsake the class feature, gain the class feature as an imitation, or drop the imitation and gain the class feature.

9. A cerulean imitator may replace a known imitation with a newly learned imitation.

Monstrous Traits(Mainly for DMs)

1. What the DM says goes. Period. If the DM says "cerulean imitators can't swim through rock" It means cerulean imitators can't swim through rock. Yes, even if it contradicts what's written here.

2. How does a cerulean imitator gain her monstrous traits? Does she magically sprout the new trait during level up? Does she need to find a creature with the trait in question, eat it and then wait in debilitating pain for several hours to several days while her body changes? Is there some ritual? Does it involve other characters? Do these characters need to be other cerulean imitators? These things needs to be decided during or before character creation.

3.Retraining traits: can a cerulean imitator retrain her traits? Probably not with a week of training; exercising for 2 and a half weeks isn't going to fuse your gills together and let you sprout wings. Maybe a rare potion that you can only obtain from a dungeon or by proving your worth to the high azure council (If such a council exists). How does this potion work? Does it take away all the characters traits? Only one? Does the cerulean imitator get to choose which one? Is there more? How long does it take to get the new replacement trait(s)? Is there a penalty that comes with taking the potion? What would it be?

4. My personal Rule Selection: cerulean imitators gain traits by consuming creatures with the desired trait and is in debilitating pain for 1d12 x 1d4 hours while her body adjusts unless she makes a fortitude save dependent on the severity of the change. (Stomach and jaw changes required for swallow whole: DC30; Wings: DC 25; Gills: DC 20 Fangs: DC 10 Claws: DC 5; etc.) The change begins when the cerulean imitator chooses after consuming the creature. A cerulean imitator retrains her traits by consuming a potion (Gained by doing some task for someone or bought) that takes away one or all of her traits (DC 20 Will save to choose which.) A cerulean imitator must wait one week before gaining her new trait(s).

5.Over powered traits: If a Player wants a trait that is overpowered for her character's level, instead of not allowing them to have the trait, try to power it down and have it increase with levels. (e.g.: Wings. At 5th level, the ability to fly for any amount of time with average or better maneuverability, at your full speed can be over powered in some campaigns. but, you can have it start out with say, half speed normally, poor maneuverability, and maybe a time limit at 5th level, eventually building up to full speed, perfect maneuverability, and no time limit at 20th level.)

6. Overridden Traits:If a cerulean imitator gains a class feature that overrides a trait she has (Such as a winged cerulean imitator gaining 9 levels of Dragon Disciple)that cerulean imitator may choose to keep the trait and forsake the class feature, adapt the trait to aesthetically resemble the class feature (If the cerulean imitator has bird wings, she may change them to functionally identical dragon wings) or gain the class feature while discarding the trait, and gain a replacement trait using the usual process.

7. A cerulean imitator may choose to take a bonus feat instead of a new trait; this feat may be retrained normally. (That is to say, like a normal feat. NOT like a normal trait.)

Imitating Spells and Powers

1. What the DM says goes. Period. Yes, even if it contradicts what's written here.

2. A cerulean imitator may not research spells. (Unless otherwise able to.)

3. Can not learn a spell who's level is unavailable to a wizard at ½ the cerulean imitator's imitator level. (Round up.)

4. A cerulean imitator may not learn epic spells.

5. A cerulean imitator must have the Epic Imitating Feat to imitate epic spells.

6. A cerulean imitator May dedicate more than one imitation slot to a single spell

7. A cerulean imitator may not dedicate more imitation slots to spells than: (Imitator Level)/3. (Minimum allowed is one)

8. May not cast an imitated spell more than Imitator level/ spell level times per day. (Maximum of 6)

9. May or may not be allowed to imitate divine spells.

10. Spells imitated by a cerulean imitator are subject to spell failure for armor above light.

11. A cerulean imitator needs spell components to cast spells.

12. A cerulean imitator may not apply metamagic feats to imitated spells, but may imitate spells with metamagic applied to them.

13. Power Points are required in order to Imitate Powers.

14. Cerulean Imitators may not imitate as spell that has a casting time measured in minutes.

Acceptable Starting Imitations (Feel Free to Add to; Sorted by Book then Page Number then Ability Name)

1. Same as all the other first rules.

2. These are imitations that a cerulean imitator may begin play with.

3. Any items added to the list should be in the range of a low level character, and there must be a plausible chance that an apprentice cerulean imitator could have survived being hit with the imitation multiple times each day, for several years.

4. List:

(Any spell of level 1 or lower that the DM will allow)

(ComArc.:007) Eldritch Blast (1d6; Possibly Enhanced with 1 Least Invocation)

(MonMan1:068) Breath Weapon (From a Wyrmling Dragon)

(MonMan3:048) Shock (Medium or Small Size)

(PlyHnd1:044) Lay on Hands

(PlyHnd1:251) Magic Missile (Caster Level 1st)

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