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I did a thing. Please give me your feedback on how I could improve this race! ---Vycanon (talk) 1:17 AM 22 May 2017 (GMT+8)

Just a few things. #1 Base walking doesn't go above 35(in WoTC books) #2 Based on their description I would imagine having a +1 to Con instead of +1 to Dex cause Dex is really fancy tricky moves, while Con is more slow steady endurance, which I think matches up better to Nomads. Otherwise looks good, it's cool.

Thinking a bit more on it I decided to spread it out, as while they are hearty and strong they are still quite nimble, they have to be as a hunter. In terms of the speed, I thought about that for a while. Ultimately though its best to stay within the general range so I've adapted it ---Vycanon (talk) 2:23 AM 22 May 2017 (GMT+8)

I have expanded on the race with a few sub-types. ---Vycanon (talk) 2:36 PM 22 May 2017 (GMT+8)

Are they rare or breed like rats, because usually when creatures live for short lives they tend to breed quickly such as rabbits, dogs, cats, and rats.Iberisdiablo (talk) 12:50, 30 June 2017 (MDT)

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