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  • Gotta admit the stat increases feel kinda gimmicky, but, well, I wasn't sure the picture or statblock from 3.5 screamed "high Strength," or Con, or really anything. Hell, that statblock's only positive modifier is Dex even though the silly bugger's wielding a longsword, and that just doesn't feel right. The whole "tough skin" thing also points to maybe a racial AC buff (They have natural armor in 3.5, but so does everything else), but I'm not sure if they really do those in 5th, and thought it too risky. I am kinda proud of my translation of Razor Storm, though; basing it off the Dragonborn's breath attack was an easy decision, and nerfing it to once per day seemed like a good idea, although I was going by what the Dragonborn do and don't have more than anything for trying to figure out the balance. Come to think of it, Dragonborn also have a damage resistance, and I wonder if longsword proficiency and Darkvision make up for that. :/ If not, my only real idea is giving them unarmored AC = 12 + Dexmod. Resistance to slashing or piercing (both of which they had DR against in 3.5, assuming I read that correctly) is right out, since either one is way better than Dragonborn have. Maybe I should give them their immunity to acid, since that barely exists in 5th anyway... Knowlessman (talk) 00:40, 2 December 2015 (MST)

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