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This s intended as constructive criticism. Ok, practical notes: 1. Ability bonuses at 3rd, 9th and 15th Level should be +1 each as noted in the Preload (unless you intend to cut something else out). 2. I'm assuming Energy Resistance means you have to select an energy type. A little more powerful that having it fixed but the value is reduced so I guess that evens it out. 3. Same thing with Outsider Affinity. VERY powerful if it applies to ALL outsider types, unless it only applies to untyped or Native Outsiders. Which would be really interesting because there's not much that specifically targets a Native Outsider. 4. Metamagic feat, I understand the flavor but it's a little more powerful that other Bloodlines giving a choice. Maybe fix which feat it is. 5. I like the use of Spell Resistance. A powerful ability but given a low score it is interesting. 6. Please add description of Mana Pool. It already sounds overpowered. I'd be really tempted to just give Iron Will. Nice work overall.

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