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A creature of this bloodline is a descendant of the loose experiments from mad wizards long since forgotten. The arcane energy writhed in their blood and they survived, and mingled. Over generations, many mutations are unnoticeable and have been in history long enough to be accepted as normal (the platypus, wtf?). Every now and then, the dormant thresholds of power are expressed in races native to the material plane, as arcane energy surges through their blood.

Arcane Bloodline Traits
Trait Gained
Minor Intermediate Major
1st +2 Spellcraft
2nd +2 Spellcraft Prodigious Caster
3rd +1 Int
4th +2 Spellcraft Prodigious Caster Spell Resistance 5
5th Outsider Affinity +2
6th +1 Int Magic Missile (1/day)
7th +2 Use Magic Device
8th Prodigious Caster Spell Resistance 5 Dispel Magic (1/day)
9th +1 Cha
10th Outsider Affinity +2 Arcane Power

11th Outsider Affinity +4
12th +1 Int Magic Missile (1/day) Mage Armor (1/day)
13th +2 Concentration
14th +2 Use Magic Device Spell Resistance 10
15th +1 Con
16th Spell Resistance 5 Mage Armor (1/day) True Seeing (1 min/3 lvls)/day
17th Outsider Affinity +6
18th +1 Cha Break Enchantment (1/day)
19th +2 Spellcraft
20th Outsider Affinity +2 Arcane Power Lesser Globe of Invulnerability (1/day)

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