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Low-level Cohorts[edit]

You have Aphasius in encounter groups with (and summoning) creatures of a much lower level than the PCs would ideally be. This presents problems in that their attack rolls, defenses, and damage are much less than creatures of a similar level. They'd be unlikely to hit or cause much damage before being summarily destroyed. If this is the effect you're going after, then that's all good and fine, but as a player, i'd typically ignore them while i go after Big-A. I'd recommend possibly using minions of a similar level and altering the psalm of Orcus power to affect them instead. Another solution might be to grant a power bonus to attack and damage rolls, as well as, defenses of the summoned scarabs and revived undead. The original version can still be used effectively - and dramatically - if the PCs are not the primary targets of the lesser monsters (actual targets being non-combattants or low-level allies that the players must protect). This would force them to divert their attention from Big-A, giving him openings to strike at them without retalliation. ^.^ I would personally find that to be an interesting and enjoyable scenario. --Techpriest 20:12, 16 October 2009 (MDT)

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