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Hello, Community! I'm a young adult nerd and lover of all things science fiction and high fantasy. In addition to D&D, I'm fan of Warhammer 40k, which goes a long way to explain my username. I'm very much drawn to the darker, more artificial aspects of the Dungeons & Dragons generic universe: constructs, crafted undead, soul-powered doomsday devices, etc. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and tend to get long-winded when discussing things. I hope we become good friends! Oh, if you'd like to leave me a note, please post it in my page discussion, not here. Thanks!

Upcoming Projects[edit]

I'm thinking about constructs animated by the fell energies of Shadow. Granted, OG offered us some golems corrupted by its power, but nothing wholly created by it, iirc. I'll look into it a bit more before diving in. If so, I might draft a few simple constructs used in the Shadowdark (my new obsession since getting a copy of the Underdark sourcebook), used to map the impermanent hazards of that place. Perhaps they'd be of Incunabula origin, but that seems unlikely since they have servants of their own already and it doesn't quite fit their theme. Still, their tendancy to gather all form of trivial (and sometimes useful) information would lend itself to the development of surveyor automatons. Expanding the concept of fell constructs, I'd love to bring back half-golems of a darker variety. Again, I'll review what's already around before drafting anything, but grafting a prosthetic limb powered by the stuff of undeath would certainly produce interesting results. Probably want to review undead grafts to see what inspiration that will offer. (Just kicking ideas around, the name Half-Dead seems like fun. Then I rewatched Chronicles of Riddick the other day, which explains that.) This would be fun for me, because it is reminiscent of the beautiful cyborg armies of the Command & Conquer Tiberian universe, of which I have always been an enthusiastic fan. An alternate possiblity would be powering the constructs with the spiritual energy flowing through Lathan, River of Souls. I'm not sure if those two are one-and-the-same energy, but I'm guessing no. Anyway, just some things I'll be working on.

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