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Aiar Aniks as a Race[edit]


Aniks tend to be gruff enforcers, enforcing the laws of the wilds of Fortress Celestia with iron resolve. However, they are also very passionate, caring for living things and natural beauty. They are proud of the wisdom that centuries of lifetimes to reach their current state has brought them. Aniks are patient and mainly peaceful creatures, and if approached carefully, will even converse with their own enemies before killing them.


Aniks serve in the 'guardian' role for the aiar, defending territory, the will of the celestial leaders, and the aiar way of life. Aniks use the same claws, fangs, and other natural weapons and battle tactics as their base creatures, but are far more deadly. In addition to superior size and strength, they are also much smarter and wiser than normal animals, have spell - like abilities, etc. While some use their intellect to plot carefully, others are stubborn and charge in. In any case, an anik is a ferocious and frightening opponent.

Society and Religion[edit]

The basic unit in anik society is generally some sort of pack per the base creature with a dominant male and female. Typically, all the animals in a pack have the same base creature, and several packs of different base creatures inhabit a region. Aniks have no formal religious ceremony, but they a very a spiritual people, having a deep reverence for beings of great good, life, the continuity of souls, and the aiar way of life. They will worship only good - aligned, nature - oriented deities such as Aslan. Each pack has its own ceremonial behavior based on the base creature's behavior, such as group howling, sacred places, and sometimes a patron deity.

Language and Names[edit]

Aniks speak Celestial, Infernal, Abyssal, and Common, and many speak additional languages. Their voices tend to be deep, slow, and coarse, commanding respect. Aniks have truenames, and name themselves in a language of their choice. Aniks usually choose short names, no more than two syllables.


Aniks can be found on any of the planes though they are extremely rare except in areas occupied by celestial armies and on the lowest four layers of Fortress Celestia. They prefer areas that are untouched by civilization.


Aniks get along well with furs, fey'iar, and skyfish, as these creatures serve the similar goals, and feel a close kinship with densets, who are fellow warriors. They are more reserved towards whisps and sukebs, who they see as foolish. Humanoids are often the target of their ire, but they admire these same races for their bravery and sense of wonder. It is the transplanar refugees who aniks struggle to get along with the most. Some of these creatures regard aniks as frightening legends, and are horrified to discover they are in fact real. Others haven't learned that it is NOT OK in Fortress Celestia to destroy forests.


Aniks rarely jon adventuring parties, except when the party is working for the aiar. They can also be found in celestial armies, usually as combat leaders in mixed units and part of elite shock troop units. They will also serve as living ambulances and mounts if needed.


As per the base creature, plus character classes per learning abilities (above), AND promotion to megam.

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