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I was wondering how come there are Naruto-type Ninja Classes listed in the D&D Classes listing? Naruto is a great Anime series, but as far as D&D gaming goes, I don't really think that it meshes very well with D&D. Which is why I think that it has it's own game system.

One other thing that I noticed about the other Ninja class entries is that they don't differentiate very well between the different listings. One thing that I will say is that Ninja, historically, did not use magic, although it may have seemed to the general public that they had supernatural abilities. But in all actuality, there was no magic. They are just very skilled.

I have played D&D Ninja characters in the past, and they are very fun to play. Ninja, as a general rule, are more of what would be considered Guerilla-type Combatants, striking from the Shadows rather than as front-line combatants, such as Samurai, would. (more to come)

This is a complete list of every homebrew class on the wiki. If someone makes a ninja class based on Naruto, it will be listed here. Opinions on these classes aren't really brought into consideration when being added to this list.
I'd like to thank you for reminding us that historically ninjas did not use magic. However, this is D&D, where dragons fly through the skies, and dwarves mine for diamonds the size of my head. Historical accuracy takes the backseat to "rule of cool". If you have any more opinions on the topic, I reccommend you write them either on a discussion, or on your user page (as this is not the best place for such a conversation). --Badger 23:32, 22 June 2011 (MDT)

comment: the naruto classes aren't needed that much --SilverDragon1 13:28, 3 september 2012 (MDT)

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