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Large City
Power Center
Unonventional, Prince-Consul Eriapus Regulus, Tier 3
Lawful Neutral
Adult Population
Gold Limit
Language & Diversity
Arcadian, Mixed (50% Sarnian Arcadians, 20% Northern Arcadians, 10% Beldronis, 5% Andormen, 5% Felixian Arcadians, 5% Elven, 5% Dwarven)

Consul Eriapus Regulus and his son Oliton


Syracuse was the ancient capital of Sarnia, one of the first human kingdoms to crop up in the First Age. Sarnia was a satellite country of Athon, radiating out from the trade city of Syracuse. After the brutal Athonian/Sartan civil war, Syracuse became more and more independent until the Kingdom of Sarnia flourished in its own right as a nation based on thriving trade and agriculture. A little more than a century after it became independent, Sarnia would be absorbed by the new Republic of Arcadia. The city of Syracuse was very powerful at this time, and as the second largest city in the large and growing nation, commanded a lot of attention. A large highway connected the two cities within the decade, and the city became the bread basket of the Republic. The Sarnian "Princes" knew they commanded a powerful position alone, but knew they could leverage their advanced infrastructure and deep roots to compete well within the fledgling country. A succession of Princes would make the Consulship of Syracuse very powerful and indebt many Arcadian cities and families. For several hundered years, until the Arcadian "Imperial Wars" during the Cartaani Renaissance, the princes cultivated this power and spread Sarnian influence throughout Dominaria. Trade Guilds and enclaves of Sarnians flourished from Ka-Wakandi in modern-day Kwazarmia to the streets of bustling Ithraca. Prosperity however, comes at a price; and all too often that price's name is greed and complacency.

During the late 600s through 721 FrA Arcadia went through several iterations of violent evolution and change. Syracuse was a casualty of these Imperial Wars. Syracuse was brutally sieged and sacked during the 'War of the Generals'. The city and it's port were looted and then used as a base by Generals Crassius Tolemy and Flaminius Gaius before their defeat at the hands of Augustus Granicus, the eventual winner of the succeeding 'Imperial Wars' and first Emperor of Arcadia. Augustus Granicus took the ruined city within the Consulship of Arcadia and it stayed there for several generations, until the Battle of Arusio. The Battle of Arusio was a pitched battle between the forces of Prince Quintus Vibulanus and the II and VII Imperial Legions under the command of Prelate Argentius Barbatus. Vibulanus and his men routed the Imperial forces and brought Barbatus, the Consul's son, to terms. Syracuse would be free, and reclaim it's old Consulship of Sarnia. This battle and the subsequent jump in power for the proud city would see it reclaim much of it's old respect and flair.

Syracuse would spend the most of the rest of the First Age and the first century of the Second Age in prosperity. The reign of Prince-Consul Plumin Marcellus and his son Gnaeus from 34-61 SA ruined the city financially and introduced widespread looting and rioting, but the city got back on it's feet within the decade, and climbed back to its position in time for the Cabal War in the 240s SA. XXXX


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