Symbiotic Swarm (5e Feat)

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Symbiotic Swarm I-II

+1 to Wisdom or +1 to Charisma The first time this feat is chosen the character grows organic hive "chimneys" on his back these in turn have a swarm of flying scarabs or other flying insects in his back. These swarms in turn can be released at will and produce on insect swarm that can protect the character or attack an enemy in sight. This swarm can also protect an ally and deliver touch based spells like cure wounds to allies or inflict wounds/vampiric touch. This swarm in turn can heal itself, allies, the player or damage enemies. When protecting the Host Character or ally they get +2 to AC. If the swarm is destroyed it takes a long rest for it to be reborn.

The second or greater version of this feat gives the swarm triple the HP and spells like Inflict wounds or Harm (or any spell that originates from the swarm that deals necrotic damage) heal for half damage to either the swarm, the host caster or to an ally protected by the swarm. Also the bite attacks inflicted by swarm also heal for half damage inflicted (To caster, ally or the swarm).

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