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Sword of Divine Rupture, Anu: Anu is the most powerful artifact contained in Draco Veistul's Gate of Evernight and the pinnacle of all those used by Deities. Unlike all of his other artifacts that were able to be passed on to other deities over the course of history, it is a sword only Draco Veistul possesses, a completely unique existence that can only be possessed by him, that is suited only for a deity's use. The nature of the sword becomes more absurd as it exerts more power. It can be used as a close combat weapon wielded much like a regular sword and even with its dull tip, it is able to pierce directly through an opponent's chest and slowly grind at their vitals inside.

It has an abnormal shape that doesn't match what would normally be classified as something specialized like a sword. It is something that was born before the appearance of the concept that the world calls a "sword", so it is not something that can truly be called a sword or have the shape of any known blade. While it has a grip, handguard, and is the same length as a longsword, the section that should contain a blade deviates from the normal form of an edged weapon. The "blade" itself and the tip of the sword, spun in a spiral shape, are dull. It has the shape of a cylindrical, drill-shaped pillar made up of three independently rotating segments engraved with purple cuneiform lettering that spin slowly in alternating direction like querns, the middle segment spinning clockwise and the top and bottom segments spinning counterclockwise.

Draco Veistul considers it his greatest and most trusted treasure next to Elika, one of the few he trusts implicitly which is only used against those he deems worthy of facing it.

The sword itself is nameless, and it is described as "the only sword that does not exist in this world." It is something that does not appear in any modern legends, crystallized during the Age of Gods at the beginning of the time. It is the primordial sword that is the actualization of the works of a god recorded before mortals came into being, and it is that which divided the formless into the distinct planes in ancient Sosfron. It is a divine construct created by a god and its status as a unique existence means it cannot be reproduced in any way. The names given to the sword and its ability by Draco Veistul are thought to be references to the Great Goddess of Creation, Anu-Urei, of the Soshotii and Sosmunii myths and the Genesis Epic of the Sosmunii myth, Emaru Elsri.

Draco Veistul claims that the sword "knows the truth" of the world where it once existed, and by using its power, it is able to bestow its knowledge upon others. As it is "The Sword That Split the Realms Apart", he calls it “something that knows the hellish void before genesis”, the multiverse's primordial form before planes were split, that was a land filled with naught but lava and gas and a hell of scorching heat and intense cold. Referring to it as hell, Draco Veistul states that it is source of all legends of lands of the dead. The memory of the time before the existence of the Prime Material, a place and time when organic existence had been impossible, is something possessed by all organisms, but it is no longer found in the imaginations or spoken memories of people. It is the first memory of life that is a genetically inherent and repressed knowledge which can only be shown to those looking upon the sword.

Emaru Elsri: The Black Star of Creation: The attack, Emaru Elsri, is the overloaded state under which Anu-Urei releases its maximum output. Upon activation, the triblade segments of Anu gradually begin to rotate faster with each revolution, acting in concert with the movement of the Multiverse. As they begin rotating rapidly, each creaking with weight and power equivalent to tectonic movement, they create a shrilling howl once Draco Veistul commands it to "awaken." Anu-Urei begins to swallow, compress, and accelerate wind pressure into a storm of wind and light. Emitting gaseous energy from the seams between the segments, the generated air pressure faults compressed and smashed against each other simulate spatial rends to create an artificial space-time dislocation that acts as a crushing torrent capable of pulverizing any opposition. The actual output of the attack equals or slightly surpasses than that of a maximized Divine Blast, but the swirl of air behind it and the enormous amount of seething and overflowing magical energy within it are on an entirely different level beyond measurement.

There are several different variations that he has displayed, depending on the seriousness behind the attack.

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