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Elika: Chains of Tartarus: The artifact most trusted by Draco Veistul, even more so than his personal weapon Anu, and the "greatest secret" stored in the Gate of Evernight. It is a chain, named after his closest friend, was made to bind the gods so they cannot escape, making it one of the few weapons that holds the concept of "reigning over the gods." The strength and durability of the chain grows stronger with the target having higher divinity, but is no more than a tough chain to a target without divinity. When used against a regular human, they feel they have no chance of prying it off of themselves. Divine targets are completely held in place. The chains do have some sort of limit, as they are unable to bind a normal target with above average strength indefinitely.

Draco Veistul is capable of taking out the entire length of chain from the Gate of Evernight to use in conjunction with Anu when he is serious about fighting, or he can simply summon part of it from the Gate. The chain can be summoned from anywhere the Gate of Evernight can reach, elongate and contract without any shown limit, and multiple individual sections can be summoned at one time. The blade on the front of the chain is capable of acting as a striking weapon when launched at a high speed, and he can summon a single length to wrap around an opponent so he can drag them towards him by pulling it.

Once activating it as an artifact, numerous segments instantly appear to wrap around the opponent in order to bind them for his projectiles. It is shown both descending from the sky and appearing directly from inside the Gate of Evernight. He generally binds the opponent's weapon, limbs, shoulders, neck, and abdomen, rendering them completely immobile. The chains continuously twist and tighten with enough force to attempt to tear off an enemy's head and bend his arms past their limits in a normally impossible direction. It appears to even bind the space around itself, and it is capable of rendering transportation via any teleport or planar shift spell completely useless and nullified.

The chains target a single creature within 60 feet. The chains spring up around the target, grabbing them unless they succeed on a reflex save.

If the target is ensnared, they are entangled and prevented from moving or attacking. If they wish to escape, they may take a standard action to attempt a strength check (at a DC of 10 + the wielder's charisma modifier) or an escape artist check (at a DC of 10 + the wielder's class level + the wielder's charisma modifier). However, the chains grow stronger holding more divine creatures: These DCs increase by +1 against aberrations and magical breasts, +2 against fey, +3 against elementals, +4 against dragons and +5 against outsiders. If the target has any divine ranks, the DCs increase by +10 plus an additional 5 per divine rank. Any creature that wishes to cast when bound must succeed on a concentration check using his standard DC plus this type modifier. If the spell has somatic components, the DC increases by 10.

The chains of Tartarus last 1 round/HD.

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