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When times get tough your allies are smart to rely on you. You always know just the right word of encouragement, and your arms are ready to support those who need to be carried. You gain the following benefits:

  • You know your choice of either the guidance cantrip or the resistance cantrip. Wisdom is your casting ability for this spell.
  • When you use the Help action, if you are the only one helping the creature on its task, the benefiting creature not only gains advantage but an additional +1 bonus to the check.
  • As a bonus action, you can perform a special rescue lift. You lift a willing or unconscious creature over your shoulder, leaving one hand free. The creature cannot be more than one size category above you. Your speed is not reduced from the weight or encumbrance of this creature, so long as you have the Strength to lift it at all. A creature carried in this way is incapacitated, and remains incapacitated until the end of its first turn after you release it.

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