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Price per dose: 1000P and a magical container
Type: Ingested, Inhaled, Contact, or Injury (Aka yes)

DISCLAIMER!!! This is a real life substance that is almost certainly against the Geneva Conventions -DO NOT- attempt to recreate in real life this is strictly for Tarrasque control. Playing with chemicals is never a smart idea and it is a lot more complicated than just pouring two things together and a lot can go wrong so just don’t.

ClFl₃ (Chlorinetriflouride) a highly volatile and dangerous chemical in just about every worst way imaginable. upon releasing the chemical whatever it touches within 30feet is immediately lit on fire with inextinguishable flames and begins to corrode releasing toxic fumes. Any creature, undead, or construct within range must make a Dexterity save or take 25d4fire, 25d4 acid, and 5d20 poison damage ignoring resistances and immunities. a target not wearing armor or that uses natural armor automatically fails. On a fail the target is covered in the chemical sealing it’s fate, it is lit on fire and continues to take 1d100 damage of each above type per round for the duration of the spell (5d4 rounds) and can no longer make saves against the damage. on a pass the target removes all armor and apparel that came in contact with the substance while dashing 60 feet out of the danger zone taking half damage and ending the effect on that target. The flames created by this chemical cannot be extinguished except by magical means and any attempt to do so by non magical means causes the duration of the spell in the affected area to be re-rolled, this time using 6d4. Trying to put out the flames with water is an especially bad idea as it will also cause a 30ft explosion spreading the chemical out to a range of 60ft and causing beings in the explosion radius to make a Dexterity save or take another combined 1d100 force and thunder damage and be knocked prone. After the 3rd turn the fire has been burning the area out to 120ft becomes under the effect of cloudkill for 24 hours with the damage die of cloud kill increasing by 1d8 for every 5 turns the fire continues to burn.

You can create the chemical at cheaper cost by buying its components and mixing yourself but I would suggest a magical means of containment because even glass will be destroyed by this chemical.

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