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Stronger Stomach [Class][edit]

Through Training and long uses of it your insides have grown more powerful!
Prerequisite: devourer
Benefit: 1HD: Your Insides are more Resilient to attacks- +5 Internal Armor and +2 External Armor

3HD: Through Breaking more difficult Materials your stomach acid is stronger and can be spit from your stomach- +2d6 Acid Damage Once every 2 Rounds

6HD: From eating so much your stomach can hold more 2 Things of your size and one size up

9HD: From the much and crunch of bones you when eaten their bones make you more healthy- Be considered one size larger but stay at original size and add 1 extra constitution per 3 things ate.

12HD: They Squirm as much as they can but they only make it harder- If they attack your insides apply a +2d6 of constrict damage and add 3 Armor per attack lasts till they die.

15HD: Your Mouth can now use bones and other gore as projectiles- Bone 1d8 DC-14 Gore 1d4 DC-10

18HD: Your body can process nutrients better- Constitution bonus is now 2 for 2 ratio (triggers only when eaten a 2 bodies have been eaten)

20HD: You are now the ultimate Devourer +5 Internal Armor, 5 External Armor, Constriction now comes naturally, You are now Considered even LARGER
Normal: No Bonus to Inside Attacks
Special: Can Only be taken Once

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