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Story of Ophion[edit]

Nothing was more majestic than the flight of Ophion. As she spread her green scaled wings, any creature watching could truly understand the fundamentals of power and control. Those fundamentals were Ophion. Nothing could hope to challenge a dragon such as her and that was simply all there was to it.

It had been a warm few decades, and the temperate forest of Sapparizan grew wildly. The nearby lakes and swamps were high with water and the cyan colored rivers flowed rapidly. Life was abound and Ophion was very happy. The lizardfolk she commanded were no longer trying to rebel and were in fact finally taking her lead to build great things in her name.

Ophion's pride, however, became the best of her. In an act of pure vanity she began construction of a magical monument that would show the whole world her greatness. Her lizardfolk toiled tirelessly to complete her demands, but resources for construction began requiring them to journey out farther and farther from Sapparizan and into foreign lands.

When their supply of gold ran out, Ophion was not concerned. She wiped out a nearby gold mine run by a race of ancient ape creatures called "elves". Work on the monument continued.

The humans, however, became upset about the elf city (allies of theirs) being destroyed and assembled a large army to invade Sapparizan. Ophion was not concerned though. These ape creatures had no grasp on the fundamentals of magic and only toyed with the most basic of magical ideas. The humans were more concerned with manipulating the power of the magical fabrics of the world, whereas she had actually become a part of it.

Before the human invasion, Ophion approached the advancing army. Their tongue was very primitive, and she laughed loudly when one of their "magicians" tried to converse to her in Draconic. Terrible as their grasp was on her ancient and divine language, Ophion spoke to the human leader.

After an hour of conversation, Ophion had agreed to fight a human hero for control of Sapparizan. Should the hero win, she was to leave Sapparizan so long as the humans were there. Should she win, however, the humans would be required to give up twenty five percent of their army as slaves to her.

Ophion, of course, knew this was terrible deal for the humans, but reveled in the fact that she would soon have more slaves.

At the border of Sapparizan and the human lands she met a blond haired man in gleaming metal armor carrying a massive sword. She roared loudly, but he did not flee.

Legends say the fight between Ophion and the blond haired man (known only as the Blue Knight) lasted days. Ophion of course knew better, and that the fight really was not long, but fierce. The Blue Knight was victorious that day, using powers granted by his gods to fire a massive blast at Ophion that tore up the earth so greatly it later became known as the Green Gulch (for that is where the great Green Dragon was defeated).

Ophion was nearly dead and the Blue Knight took pity and healed her. In an act of cowardice and confused rage, Ophion lashed out and killed the Blue Knight. She flew high into the heavens to think.

After a few days, Ophion true to her word left the lands, abandoning her lizardfolk people and the monument of her grandeur. She spent many years afterwards journeying the world and trying to understand what had happened. She learned her weakness was in her lack of connection with the gods and eventually sought Tiamat.

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