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The Hidden Stone Village, located within the Land of Earth, is fortified by a large mountain range which it takes pride in. Due to interference by Madara Uchia, its early generations were subservient to the Hidden Leaf Village, causing generations of Stone shinobi to be aggressive and bitter toward the outside world.

Stone Village Genin[edit]

Name CR

Stone Village Chunin[edit]

Name CR

Stone Village Jonin[edit]

Name CR

Stone Village Kage[edit]

Name CR
Deidara (5e Creature) 12
Gari (5e Creature) 9
Han, Tailed Release (5e Creature) 9
Han (5e Creature) 8
Ishikawa (5e Creature) 13
Kurotsuchi (5e Creature) 9
Mu (5e Creature) 9
Onoki (5e Creature) 9
Roshi, Tailed Release (5e Creature) 9
Roshi (5e Creature) 8

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