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Things used to be so simple, so clear … so black and white. When did the world become so gray?
—Dick Grayson, Nightwing
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Star City is a city best known as the home of the superheroes known by, or affiliated with, the shared alias of the Green Arrow. Beyond that, it is also known to other characters of the DC Universe as both a port city and a haven for artists in many of the media, from print to audio/visual to music.


Star City was incorporated as a city under its current name over 200 years ago.

Before moving on to service in first Metropolis and later Gotham City, Maggie Sawyer began her career as a police officer in Star City.

The first costumed vigilante to serve as mayor was Thomas "Steelclaw" Bolt, who adopted an undercover persona as a costumed criminal as part of his efforts to bring local crime under control. He died in office of that attempt.

During the years that Green Arrow spent outside of Star City, at least one other costumed crime-fighter operated there: Chase Lawler, one of the several known Manhunters.

Doctor Light and Merlyn detonated explosives, leaving nearly a third of Star City in shambles in what becomes known as the "Amsterdam Avenue Disaster".

Green Arrow has recently became the mayor of Star City.


Star City is in northern California, specifically in the coastal regions north of San Francisco Bay.

City Characteristics[edit]


Among the more notable landmarks include the following:

Star Bridge
This suspension bridge is one of city's primary visual landmarks, known for a giant star sculpture atop each tower in the span of the bridge, connecting Star City's various regions.
The Grell Museum
Papp Stadium


Notable neighborhoods include:

The "Triangle"
Long fought over by the city's various organized crime factions until the intervention of the freelance criminal Deadshot.
Lamb Valley
The South End
The Glades
One of the districts directly abutting the Sound End.
Orchid Bay
The downtown section, and site of City Hall.


Star City's population is around 5 million.

Sports teams[edit]

Star City Rockets: Baseball, they play in Papp Stadium.

Star City Thunder: Basketball, they play in Tinder-Smith Garden.

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