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Weapon (Arrow), Very Rare

An ancient, ornate arrow forged from an unknown metal. Legends state that long ago, a man wished for the power of the gods. The next day, he awoke to find a large meteor had crashed nearby. After coming in contact with it, he was able to manifest a power, the first Stand! Forging 12 arrows from the meteor, he hearnessed its power, becoming the leader of an incredibly powerful clan. Over the ages, they were lost. History became story, story became myth, and myth became legend. However, should they be unearthed, a new era of man would begin...

'There are two paths!' When a creature takes damage from a Stand Arrow, they must succeed a DC 15 Charisma saving throw. On a failure, they gain 1 level of exhaustion at the beginning of their turn and are paralyzed until the arrow is removed by another creature as an action. On a success, they gain the 1st level of the Stand User class, or their spirit point maximum increases by 4 if they are already a Stand User. A creature may only gain the above effects once, even if they use multiple Stand arrows.

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