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Spring Goddess[edit]

Open Flower

Domains: Life, Creation
Warpriest Domain: Sun

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Spring Goddess, Summer God, Autumn Goddess, and Winter Goddess are the unaligned seasonal Minor Gods. When the Major Gods created the physical plane, they also created the Minor Gods. The Minor Gods are more involved in the physical plane than the Major Gods. Minor Gods have shrines, chapels, temples, worshippers, and clerics; they are worshipped by the majority of people, especially in human cultures.

  • Live in Harmony with new life
  • Protect change for without change there is nothing
  • Pursue wisdom, might, and power
  • Fight against the cults of Trouble

Cleric Training[edit]

Clerics must meet the standard clerical requirements and can be from any race and any alignment. They must constantly appease Goddess Pegay with sacrifices of food, wine, and valuables, made at least weekly.


There is constant violence between the Spring Goddess cult and the two evil cults of Trouble: Madness Cult and Self-truth Cult or Spider Cult.


Philosophy: The Spring God is about new life, rebirth, and resurrection.

  • Death is not the end, only the beginning.
  • Only when wisdom is applied correctly is it an asset.
  • Live in the fresh joy of positive change.

Artifacts: Past and Present[edit]

  • The Pegay Scrolls of Rebirth
  • The Crystal Sepulcher of Courage and Healing
  • Three Swords of Thormathrow
  • Garland Crown of Clarmoorta


They must constantly appease Corellon with sacrifices of food, wine, and valuables, made at least weekly. The high festival day is the 3rd day of Tre (March) and is known as Corellon's Thaw.

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